10 Worst Things That Can Happen Regarding Your Computer

The Top Ten
1 BSOD Mid-Stream
2 Freezes Up During Skype Call With Your Crush
3 PC Gets Hacked
4 Parents Find You Watching Things You Shouldn't
5 Spontaneously Combusts
6 You Drop it and It Breaks
7 Gets A Virus
8 Skype Call is Interrupted
9 Internet Crashes When You're About to Win Survival Games on Minecraft
10 Has to Update
The Contenders
11 Your Screen Breaks

That would suck I would be really upset if my screen broke on my laptop

My old laptop the screen broke on the right side of the screen I couldn't use it anymore

12 The Wifi Continually Goes on and Off

That is really annoying when that happens it happened to me before

13 Someone Throws It Out The Window

I would be really mad if someone threw my laptop out the window

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