Top Ten Worst Things to Drop

The Top Ten

1 Your Child

Look, kid, that's a recycle truck below us! Oops, butterfingers. - PositronWildhawk

Especially if it was a baby. - Wolftail

My mom did this to me when I was a baby and I got a fractured skull

Oops I dropped my son in the garbage can

2 A Precious Glass Item

If it wasn't yours, then the owner of that item will be so mad at you! Also, glass is easy to break. - Wolftail

Worse if it lands on your foot. - JaysTop10List

This really IS bad to drop. - Turkeyasylum

3 Your Phone

I have dropped my phone WAY too many times

As the clumsy person I am, I have dropped my phone screen-first into the concrete. When I picked it up, the screen looked like a Ice-skating rink with all those lines coming from every which way. So for all of you that don't have a phone case, you should probably buy one...

The fear of seeing a large crack on the screen as if someone's shot it... - Wolftail

4 A Hot Item

I wouldn't drop that hot item it will burn you - speed

Don't want to get your toes burnt! - Wolftail

5 An Item On Fire

Huge fire hazard here, mate. - Wolftail

Nice knowing ya, buddy. *goes up in flames* - Pegasister12

6 Your Computer

How will I access TheTopTens now? I just dropped my phone and I don't have an iPad! The horror!
Just kidding. Or am I? - Wolftail

Boy : We be all night! Loovvee
*Computer drops*
Boy: DARN it, I was just about to kiss Beyonce on the computer screen - JaysTop10List

7 Your Pet

I would be so upset with myself if I dropped my dog. :( - Wolftail

8 The Last Photo of Your Family

How will you remember what they looked like now? - Wolftail

9 A Container of Hydrochloric Acid

You could endanger many peoples' shoes! - Wolftail

10 The Soap

That's so cleaver

The Contenders

11 A Heavy Item

Once I dropped a weight of one kilogram onto my foot. It hurt for hours. - Wolftail

12 A Pick Into the Soundhole of Your Guitar

If anyone here plays guitar, you'll know what I mean. - Flamesofsilver

I did this once to my brother's ukulele. Haha! - Wolftail

13 Bombs
14 Your TV
15 Your Lego Set

That would stink if you spend hours or days on it!

16 Your iPad
17 A toast with Nutella
18 Damiani necklace
19 A Detonator for a Bomb
20 A Bowling Ball
21 A Bioweapon
22 A Light Bulb

Its really hard to find all the tiny shards of glass

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