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41 Wrestlemania 21 Wrestlemania 21

No this was a good PPV, the title matches were the only bad parts but the show as a whole was good. - htoutlaws2012

42 WrestleMania X-Seven WrestleMania X-Seven

One of the greatest PPV's ever. - htoutlaws2012

Horrible and overrated show Jericho vs Regal was boring, APA and Tazz vs RTC was too short and boring, Chyna having a squash match is stupid at a WM, That murderer vs Bitch Angle is the same match as always, TLC was the same match as the year before, Undertaker vs HHH is the same match they always have, Hardcore match with Kane Big Show and jobber Raven was corny and cheesy, Jobber battle royal, Vince McMahon having the same hardcore match getting beat up as always against his son Shane and Stone Overrated Austin beat The Rock in the same match as always and a epic fail heel turn, this simply was the worst or most boring WM of all time I rather watch WM 29 and Hogan vs Andre was way better than this overrated dumb PPV

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