Worst Zombies Weapons In Call of Duty History

Ever want to just flat out down yourself for getting one of these painful burdens? Whether you like 'em or not, these are the Top 10 zombies weapons that make you want to blow your brains out!

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1 Springfield

What a pleasant name, huh? Well, it is not a pleasant gun. This thing is yet again, my favorite phrase, a load of trash. How does a gun have less damage than the Kar 98k? Not only that, but on round 1 when it is a two shot kill, you have to aim down the worst iron sights ever and fire shot after unaccurate shot, pulling back the bolt every time. Try not to cry when you are downed 10 times on round 3.

I would rather to brush the zombies teeth instead of giving me the Springfield for free

It's the worst gun in the game, because it IS A 1 - 3 HEAD SHOT KILL AND THE WORST OF THE KAR98K AND AN ARISAKA

Why call of duty...why

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The SMR. The least accurate gun in the history of zombies. This thing has an ADS accuracy that hardly competes with a sniper rifle's hip fire radius. Not only that, but the gun has such low damage, that on an early round, it will take the entire ammo capacity to take out the entire wave. By the time you kill a zombie with this thing, Advanced Warfare is already on the end of it's DLC season.

The least accurate gun in Call of Duty history.

"If this thing fired any slower it would be going backwards".

It's trash

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3 War Machine

The war machine is horrible because the grenades take so long to explode and the reloading is so horrible

This is an absolute crap weapon until its pack a punched. this thing non pack a punched sucks and can only kill to round 5 with the impact damage but gives no points and if you're going for impact damage then this thing will only have 24 grenades so you don't get many kills. When pack a punched with phd on origins then this gun Is pretty decent because it now explodes on impact with decent damage.

Just so bad until pack it punched

I do think the Springfield is the worst gun, but it was a wall weapon and not just a box gun. The war machine has delayed grenades that hardly do any damage on impact. Pap it's ok, but the Mustang and Sally is ten times better than this POS.

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4 Raygun

Who the hell put the ray guns on here

The ray gun isn't as good as everyone thinks it is, but it is still good. It shouldn't be on this list. Its not the best weapon, half way between average and amazing.

It is good but it is bad because the splash damage

Why is this higher than kar98k?

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5 Jet Gun

I completely agree that this is on worst weapons. It is hard to believe that a wonder weapon could be bad compared to an actual weapon but this is. You take 20 years to build it then you get to use it for 20 seconds and it breaks and you have to build it again.

This thing is an epitome of TranZit (as well as the PaP location). This CAN'T be upgraded, and this is considered as the horror to all Wonder Weapons in Zombies history. Also, to get the Jet Gun, you have to go on a wild goose chase to get 4 parts, but it lasts 15 seconds when you shoot this weapon. No longer than 15 seconds, it breaks easily. Oh did I forget that it'll take you over a hour to wait for it being fully charged? This is considered the biggest disappointment Treyarch brought to you. Truthfully, the Jet Gun is just a troll.

BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME Easter EGG EVER. When I got it for the first time on solo, I took it out of the bar and let loose on a hoard, it didn't kill anything in the hoard and I got trapped and killed.

Not even a real weapon in Black Ops

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6 China Lake

The China Lake is a grenade launcher available in Black Ops. It is a hunk of metal and schrapnel. This thing does hardly any damage, basically stuns you on every shot, and it's reload is very slow, offsetting it's already low ammo capacity. Oh, and you also have to pump this after every shot. It takes ages. Have fun.

The China Lake is considered the most pointless weapon in Black Ops 1 Zombies. It's got a slow pumping and a damage so bad that it makes crawlers and stuns you on every shot (unless you have PhD Flopper). It's also useless, since the launcher class suck in Zombies.

Like almost every other explosive weapon in zombies history, it's absolute garbage.

You waste time reloading and

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7 Kar 98k

This gun is a semi automatic rifle available in World at War. With a very low ammo capacity, it is not complemented by it's horrifiying damage ratio. It has damage so bad that it becomes useless in a round as early as 5 or 6. The Kar 98k is a gun many zombie hunters want to forget, but can't.

I expected this not to be horrible. God the fact that I wasted 950 in the box and got this trash, is horrid

I get your point. The Kar98k's only good in the early rounds, but it's pointless because it's a bolt-action rifle. So, yeah. It's got 55 shots by default and along with the Arisaka, it's a waste of 200 points. It's not very necessary, not to mention that the damage this thing deals is equivalent to a knife. So PaP'ing this is equivalent to two knives. Still useless even when upgraded.

Shoots marshmallows after round 5

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8 VR-11

This is a big hunk of trash that Treyarch called a wonder weapon so people could be excited. This is (thankfully) only present on Call of the Dead. It's effect is that it turns a single zombie into a human, acting as a small monkey bomb. It has low ammo capacity, the zombie that you shoot is useless, and it is overall a humongous waste of a weapon slot. This is what monkeys are for! They work better and don't take up a weapon slot, only equipment.

This is not a wonder weapon, it is a wonder helper, maybe a wonder slightly helps you team, this thing just sucks!

Its kinda good, because it gives blood grain for a couple seconds

The scavenger's retarded brother

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9 Winters Howl

The gun DOESN'T KILL Zombies it just freezes them that what EMP us for and it's a waste of a weapon slot ad in the emp is more affective

It can't kill zombies yet they considered it a wonder weapon. I thought wonder weapons were supposed to be the best guns in zombies

This weapon is better than the jet gun, but its still useless and horrible

This gun is great

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10 Pharo

Worst damage out of all the guns in BO3, doesn't have very much reserve ammo, and is a burst fire sub machine gun. It's 700 points off the wall and still isn't worth it

The Pharo chokes automatically because what you don't know is that it's actually a 4-round auto burst SMG.

The low damage, burst fire, and crappy iron sights make this a bad zombies gun.

I think that the Pharo is good until round 8. 4 round burst, great for points, but awful packed

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11 Barrett .50c

The Barrett is a semi automatic sniper rifle. It is a horror to all sniper rifles. This thing does hardly any damage on round 10 and above, has an extremely low reload time, enormous kick, a terrible scope, and slow rate of fire. "Well, it has to be good packed, right? " Nope. Unlike it's 2025 established cousin, the DSR, you cannot pack this any more and get a form of iron sights, but you are stuck with a horrible variable zoom scope. When will we use that? This weapon is just an all out waste of time.

The Barrett is likely the alcoholic version of the DSR, Ballista, and the SVU. It's much worse than the other snipers from Black Ops 1 (The L96A1 and the Dragunov). The PTRS in World at War is good because it's got higher damage. The Barrett is just a waste. If you like this piece of trash, you are a moron. This isn't Modern Warfare, bro. This is Zombies!

Bad damage and wastes ammo like crazy.

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12 Ballistic Knife

You have no ammo, and to make it useful you need to knife zombies. Sure the pap'd version is good because of the revive mechanic, but the actual weapon itself is useless.

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13 Thundergun

Why is this here it's the best gun you can get if you think this gun sucks then you must get down before you can use it

I would take the thundergun over the wave gun any day of the week, and so would anyone else

Worst gun ever /s

Non packapunched, this has low ammo and low range. Still an amazing weapon though. PaP its one of the best wonder weapons, not the best, but one of them.

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14 RPG

Fun to use on like round 20. After that takes too many shots with the ammo capacity you have. Love it, just not effective enough

It is good what are you talking about tray arch

This thing is a crawler machine

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15 FAL

This is a fine gun on earlier rounds with great ammo capacity. The unfortunate downfall of this is its low damage on anything other than the head. Perfect candidate for dead shot daiquiri though.

Not a bad gun for early rounds, but sucks because they made it a burst fire weapon when pack a punched. It had low ammo and I would rather have a chicom

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16 Crossbow

This surely is a bad gun. Obtained from the Mystery Box, the crossbow fires explosive arrows that deal minemal damage, and stick to surfaces and zombies, giving you an opportunity to down yourself. With low ammo capacity as well, you want to get rid of this as quickly as possible.

This shouldn't be on the list. The PaP version attracts zombies.

Good when pack a punched because it is extra monkey bombs.

The awful lawton is AWFUL on ammo

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17 M1 Garand

It's like the Springfield, but Similar-Automatic, and Pack a Punch.

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18 AE4

Exo zombies sucked I expected so much more from it and it was trash. Never actually got this thing.

19 Man O' War

This is an amazing gun, Very powerful damage, very accurate, its an assault rifle, decent ammo and a decent rate of fire. One of the best bo3 guns.

If someone thinks this is a bad zombies gun they must be crazy!

This gun is the second best assault rifle in bo3 beating the hvk by a bit and being beaten by the icr by a little bit

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20 PM-63

Wall weapon, 1000 points, 120 shots total, weak damage and pathetic range. Much worse when Pack-a-Punched. It deserves to be thrown in a hole and getting pooped on...

I just used this gun packed on round 22. Took like 12 shots to kill. Bye bye ammo.

It's a good point gun at least but HORRIBLE damage

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