Top Ten WWE Divas of the 2000's


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1 Trish Stratus Trish Stratus Patricia Anne "Trish" Stratigeas is a Canadian retired professional wrestler, former fitness model, fitness master, actress and television personality, better known by her former ring name Trish Stratus.

Diva of the decade

She is the best

2 Lita Lita Amy Christine Dumas, better known as Lita, is an American retired professional wrestler, and singer currently signed with WWE as a producer.

Michelle McTaker who had been in the business 5 years until she married up and got to work with Mickie James AND Torrie "None Accomplishment" Wilson are in the top two. I call bull. Top 3 are Trish, Lita, and Mickie!

3 Torrie Wilson Torrie Wilson Torrie Anne Wilson is an American model, fitness competitor, actress and retired professional wrestler.
4 Stacy Keibler Stacy Keibler Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler is an American actress, model, dancer, cheerleader, retired professional wrestler and valet who is best known for her work with World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment as a WWE Diva.
5 Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Barbara Jean "Barbie" Souray is an American model, former professional wrestler and professional wrestling valet, better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly.

Kelly doesn't belong in the discussion. No Mickie James or Eve Torres?

No Gail Kim or Victoria either? Wow this list is terrible.


The swxiest

6 Michelle McCool Michelle McCool Michelle Leigh Calaway is an American retired professional wrestler who is best known for her time with WWE.
7 AJ Lee AJ Lee April Jeanette "AJ" Brooks, better known by her ring name AJ Lee, is an American retired professional wrestler.

Trish and Lita are definitely up there at the top but I think AJ Lee should be given more credit. She was the only diva anyone ever cared about during the 2011-13 period when all the other divas were out playing wannabe reality stars. Everyone and anyone who is truly passionate about wrestling and see it as more than just casual entertainment will admit that when it comes to actual wrestling skills, promo shoots, mike skills and attitude, AJ Lee is far far ahead of the other divas she had to share the ring with. She may not be Trish or Lita but she did save the divas division from dying a miserable pathetic death. Though it didn't matter much because clearly the divas division is still accelerating downward in its spiral of self destruction. No one takes female wrestlers seriously anymore. That is sad and what is sadder is that I'm a woman myself and I can admit to it. AJ also showed the world that not all female wrestlers have to be tall and with large breasts to succeed. Talent and ...more

Aj should be in the top five! She is both nerdy and tough. She has an amazing personality and super hyper! I can't believe she is down here on the list!

I wouldn't say top 5. More like 9th or 10th.


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8 Melina

The most talented and flexible divas in the divas history

Definitely should be top 5

So awesomely overrated

9 Beth Phoenix Beth Phoenix

She is the best!

10 Chyna Chyna Chyna was an American professional wrestler, glamour model, pornographic film actress, and bodybuilder.

She may have been built like a man, but always gave me a boner


The Contenders

11 Nikki Bella Nikki Bella Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American professional wrestler and actress signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, performing on the SmackDown brand. more.
12 Mickie James Mickie James Mickie Laree James-Aldis better known as Mickie James, is an American professional wrestler, actress, model and country singer signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Is solar, is sexy can fight was the best at WWE... but also in the tna

13 Victoria Victoria
14 Naomi Knight
15 Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Celeste Beryl Bonin is an American entrepreneur, bodybuilder, model, and retired professional wrestler.
16 Maryse Maryse Maryse Mizanin is a French Canadian glamour model, businesswoman, actress, professional wrestling manager, and former professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse, where she is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion.
17 Brie Bella Brie Bella
18 Eve Torres Eve Torres Eve Torres Gracie is an American model, actress, and former professional wrestler. She is best known for her work with WWE as Eve Torres and has served as an ambassador for the company since April 2014.
19 Maxine Maxine
20 Stephanie McMahon Stephanie McMahon Stephanie McMahon Levesque is an American businesswoman, professional wrestling valet, professional wrestler, minority owner, and the Chief Brand Officer of WWE.
21 Candice Michelle Candice Michelle Candice Michelle Beckman Ehrlich better known as Candice is an American model, actress, and retired professional wrestler best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment.
22 Jamie
23 Molly Holly
24 Layla El Layla El
25 Jazz
26 Ivory
27 Natalya Natalya Natalie Katherine "Nattie" Neidhart, known by the ring names Natalya and Natalya Neidhart, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE. On the April 16 episode of Raw, Natalya was drafted to Raw as part of the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-up and became a fan favorite, defeating more.
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