Top 10 WWE High Flyers of 2015


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1 Neville Neville

Seth Rollins high flying move is only the 'Phoenix Splash' otherwise he don't have high flying move. Neville should be on the top

The Man That Gravity Forgot - best high flyer I've ever seen.

He is a beast his flips are like no one else period.

Hands down the best highflier of all time

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2 Seth Rollins Seth Rollins Colby Lopez is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed to WWE under the ring name Seth Rollins.

The unbeatable


3 Sami Zayn Sami Zayn Rami Sebei is a Canadian professional wrestler of Syrian descent, currently signed to WWE under the ring name Sami Zayn, where he is a former NXT Champion. more.

The greatest high flyer and I believe he will make history in the wwe by doing high flying extreme moments

Yes, he will make history indeed by extreme high flying moments in the ladder matches

Greatest high flyer without him no amazing ladder match high flyer

He is the greatest leaper in a ladder and steel cage match so he should be 1 or 2

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4 Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah is a Ghanaian-American professional wrestler. He is signed to WWE under the ring name Kofi Kingston, in which he is a member of The New Day along with teammates Big E and Xavier Woods.
5 Sin Cara Sin Cara Sin Cara is a professional wrestling character used by WWE, currently portrayed by Jorge Arias, also known as Hunico.

Sin cara is really good highflyer.He is the best highflyer ever in the WWE history

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6 Kalisto Kalisto Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez is a Mexican-American professional wrestler, currently signed to WWE under the ring name Kalisto.

He can sore through the air like a deadly missile. He needs a better place. Think about it.

Kalisto is the really god high Flyer

He is the great anas


7 Stardust Stardust
8 Jimmy Uso
9 Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan Bryan Lloyd Danielson is an American retired professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE under the ring name Daniel Bryan.

He can't beat Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - MaximusKing

10 Jay Uso

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11 Finn Balor Finn Balor Fergal Devitt is an Irish professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs in its developmental territory NXT under the ring name Finn Bálor.
12 Rob Van Dam Rob Van Dam Robert Alex "Rob" Szatkowski, better known by his ring name Rob Van Dam, is an American professional wrestler and occasional actor.
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1. Seth Rollins
2. Neville
3. Sami Zayn
1. Neville
2. Seth Rollins
3. Kofi Kingston
1. Seth Rollins
2. Neville
3. Sami Zayn


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