Most Annoying Things In Call of Duty Single Player

Call of Duty is awesome, no matter what the haters say. But some things just annoy the hell out of me in campaign mode.

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1Enemies That Run Towards You

This is very annoying. You have to shoot them at just the right moment or you die.


They cause a ton of damage and when they attack you, you have to kill them at just the right moment


It leaves you wide open to attack and makes you look like a dumb@$$ for 10 seconds

4Riot Shielded Enemies

You need a grenade launcher or you're screwed. Grenades bounce back and unlike you, they can shoot and cover at the same time


You have to blindly run, hoping not to be anywhere near them


If they appear, you get an annoying qucktime event and you have to wait until they explode to get up or... YOU DIE!

7Cover Missions
8Moving Vehicles

Hang on to sprint for dear life or you're roadkill


I hate those things!

They... Just... Won't... Die

10Following Orders

Me: I want to snipe them now Macmillan: No, you can't, even though nothing would happen if you did and it would be satisfying

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