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1Episode 272 - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Conclusion

The action is crazy and awesome and on top of that we have a sweet touching moment where the viewers actually may feel some form of compassion or sadness from the enemy dying. Making someone who put a hole into Ichigo's chest into someone that the viewers would be sad for in such a short period of time is not an easy task.

I hope this episode is a Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Conclusion and not a Ulquiorra-Conclusion. Boy, I miss Ulquiorra's character so much now. T_T This episode was so emotional and dramatic. :)) We love you Ulqui-chan!

This whole fight had me on the edge of my seat and the conclusion made it all the more interesting it was not as predictable as the rest of the series and it's probably one of the best fights throughout the whole series! I also thought the relationship between ulquiorra and orihime was really cute!

In the palm of my hand is a heart

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2Episode 54 - Ichigo Saves Rukia

For first timers watching Bleach this was a GREAT episode! Its full of epic moments, and raises our judgement towards Ichigo. My personal favorite episode.

Loved the way Ichigo just made everyone look like fools in this episode. Saving Rukia was always his plan and he managed to do that and look awesome doing so. I miss when Soul Society were the bad guys.

I agree with you completely. I have seen it many times and it is still special to me. Ichigo looks there very good... Like Superman :D

I like this episode

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3Episode 58 - Ichigo vs Byakuya

The most epic fight in the entire series and one that was just born to be!

One of the most epic fights in this show. Also Byakuya is so awesome in this episode!

Ichigo's bankai+ Byakuya's bankai= win of epic proportions. Besides, we got to see Byakuya as a three dimensional character and realized he's not just a guy hell bent on killing his sister. And Byakuya and Ichigo are one the best characters of Bleach, so this episode was obviously amazing!

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4Episode 62 - Aizen Betrays Soul Society

This episode is basically the climax of the entire series and the most well plotted episode probably in the entire series. Aizen betraying was something most people probably did not see coming and that is why this episode deserves to be number one!

This episode had many details to it and it surprised a lot of people. Since no one saw that Aizen betraying them was coming they weren't prepared for it at all.

It was the whole soul society story line the fact that aizen betrayed them was crazy

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5Episode 309 - Aizen Finally Dies

Simply because of the episode itself, based on the "amazing" conclusion & Urahara's mastermind.

Aizen LIVES! You See him alive at the end of the Episode, and later in the Quincy arc.

Simply... Just 22 minuets of perfection was this episode.

Aizen never died. He is still kicking some quincy @$$. Waiting for his reappearance. - admister300

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6Episode 17 - Rukia Is Taken Back to Soul Society

The saddest and most intense episode in the first season. This episode is godly considering how Ichigo is thrown to the ground and left to bleed even by Rukia!

This episode could make even Chuck Norris cry.

Nice episode. We also see Ichigo going berserk for the first time. It was also a very sad episode. I cried when I saw this episode. This episode is pure epicness. That's the reason why I loved the first arc of Bleach...

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7Episode 167 - Grimmjow Finally Dies

Spoiler he comes back in the manga

Grimmjow is also ALIVE.
We never saw him die.SPOILER (He returns in the Quincy arc)

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8Episode 308 - Gin Dies

Gin and Matsumoto are my favorite characters (with Byakuya), so it was really awesome to see more of their story. This episode was so beautiful, I couldn't help a few tears.

The only episode of any anime that ever actually made me cry. Rest in Peace Gin, you will forever be in our memories.

AWESOME plot twist. Really deepened Gin's character

Rest in Peace, Gin...You'll be loved by Bleach fans forever

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9Episode 1 - Ichigo Becomes SoulReaper

Let's be honest you haven't seen the ulquiorra fight against ichigo have you.

Let's be honest. Everything passed Soul Society sucks

Let's be honest first 15 episodes were just boring, then Renji and Byakuya arives and everything changes. P.S. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra and Nnoitra vs Kenpachi are the best fights!

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10Episode 342 - Thank You

So beautiful... I wish there could be more episodes like this, with Ichigo, Rukia, and the others just hanging out and having fun.

I almost cried when I watched this... Him finally letting go of the spirit world, plus the ichiruki feels, was just TOO MUCH

Love that episode! But its also sad because he loses his soul reaper powers :(

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?Episode 366 - Ichigo Says His Goodbyes

I thought that episode 366 was a fantastic episode, not just because you get to see Ichigo's new Bankai, but the way that the last few moments of the episode came to a close. I loved it, and it made me sad to see it end.

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11Episode 121 - Soulreapers vs Group of Arrancar

The way the captains all fought was amazing

These are the best of all times

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12Episode 362 - Kurosaki Ichigo - The Substitute Shinigami!

When ichigo finally gets his Shinigami powers back by a sword with all the captains and vice captains rieatsu and he is way stronger

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13Episode 41 - Ichigo Meets Rukia Again
14Episode 305 - Delusion Roars! Hisagi, Towards the Hot Springs Inn!
15Episode 38: Ichigo meets Kenpachi
16Episode 293: Hitsugaya, Enraged! Blade of Hatred!

The reveal that they'd stabbed Hinamori, the build up to it and Aizen slaying everyone afterward was so good. My favorite episode.

I almost cried when hinamori said " Shiro-chan, why? "

If I could I woild have smashed Aizen's face laugh out loud

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17Episode 111 - Shock! The True Characters of the Fathers

Was trying to take this down a rank not raise it...

18Episode 133 - Ikkaku's Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale
19Episode 192: Nel Transforms

Nel was awesome and I wish that they had show her more, she was funny and added more to the show, either way the best arc was the first one and after that it has drastically dropped.

Sorry, one of the best shows but deserves better than this. (Bleach KAI anyone)?

20Episode 239 - Hitsugaya vs Hyorinmaru

Toshiro fighting hyourinmaru to return him to his senses and also a flash back of toshiro's past.

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1. Episode 272 - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Conclusion
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