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41 Rain

Did you all know that Rain was rejected at first because he was "too ugly". After working EXTREMELY hard, he made it through everything and is loved by many. His fans support him in the craziest ways! I am not exactly a die-hard fan but I do know several songs. Rain was famous enough to be in an English version of Ninja Assasin.

42 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls V 1 Comment
43 Kim Tae-yeon Kim Tae-yeon

Kim taeyeon, she has angel voice, she very beautiful too. The dorky leader.

44 Jay Park

Once the leader of 2PM, now produces his own music

45 Ailee Ailee

Her voice is so powerful, I get goosebumps every time I hear her LIVE.

46 Girls' Day
47 BtoB
48 Henry
49 JYJ

Jaejoong is the best

50 Block B
51 Winner
52 iKON V 1 Comment
53 AOA
54 Seventeen

I hate how they are so underrated, and they have some style! They have a clean picture and reputation, and their English is easy to understand, and dance skills are great... They are so underrated!

55 S2N1
56 H.O.T.

Kangta himself has fought through so much after the break-up of H.O. T and I believe that the spirit still lives on.H.O. T is what BEGAN K-Pop and made it so popular. They live on forever as their fan-base grows instead of decreasing.

57 Boyfriend

They need to be higher! It hurts me that they are so underrated :(

58 Kara
59 Davichi
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