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21 G. V. Prakash Kumar

G V is the best singer too what a voice what a composition

Nobody can replace him when it comes to theme and background scores. His best ever I would tell is 'Aayirathil oruvan' Epic background music!

He is the best music director in India

He is the best.

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22 Salim-Sulaiman

Rab Ne Banadi Jodi Songs is my favourite. It makes every one to fall in love

Their songs have so much feeling in them. Love their songs especially romantic songs like rab ne bana di jodi, o re piya..

India's Most Versatile Music Director... They have composed many hits Music like a Chack De India, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Kurbaan, Jodi Breakers etc...

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23 Vishal Sekhar

Amazing music that touches everyone's hearts. That's why I think they should me number one. They don't deserve anything below. :-)

Shekhar is my most favourite singer, he and vishal should be number one

I like all songs of Vishal-Shekhar

They are the best.

Their strategy is that make music with love, enjoy making it and not taking life seriously but MUSIC.

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24 Madan Mohan

A great composer of Indian film industry with whom LATA MANGESHKAR gave her the best.

He is one of the greatest music composer ever in India. He is the one of best. I had heard his all songs.

I'm born in 80s, but recognized him so late. He didn't have any training of music, but it was his soul, which created so many untouchable arts that you can't even imagine. It is so painful seeing him at no. 24. He is uncrowned king of Indian music industry.

He was indeed the top Jewel of music industry. A genius, unparalleled compositions.

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25 Naushad

I completely agree with the earlier comment. How come musician like Nausha saab is below on 19 when I think he should have been in the first 3. Its an unjustified list. Anyway I think people should listen music of Naushad saab, Madan Mohan Ji, O P Nair Saab, Laksmikant Payarelal Ji ( many more to name, sorry if I have missed some great names ) and then start commenting and voting.Nausad Saab is the one who brought the best of Rafi saab.

I am surprised to see the list. Some useless music directors are above the genius Naushad. Probably many people of today do not know the true music.

The great composer of India. His name should be in the top three list.

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26 Kalyanji Anandji

Great composer give number of hits in 1960 and 70

They should be in top 5 as they have scored very good music in 300 Bollywood movies.
These days most of there songs are copied and remixed by new upcoming Music Directors.
No one can beat Music Maestros Brothers Kalyanji Anandji Fames Music..

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27 K. V. Mahadevan

K.V. Mahadevan, a trend setter in Carnatic music, an authority on folk music and his versatileness in giving different kind of melodies, providing music for more than 700 films from his early beginings, he is to be top listed above other music directors. In Telugu, he was number 1 till his end.

Those who are born in 70's and 80's, and listening to radio before going to school and on Sunday will definitely know how mesmerizing his melodies are. Those melodies will stand forever because they are focused on voice and ragam that stamps into our minds.
Those who are in top in this list are copycats like DSP, instrument crowded songs, people not even remember their songs for not more than 1 or 2 years.

This is the worst website! Kv mahadevan is legend! Where is ghatsAla, pendyala!

28 Salil Chowdhury

Salil Chowdhury was an Indian music composer, who mainly composed for Bengali, Hindi, and Malayalam films. He was also a poet and a playwright. He is affectionately called Salilda by his admirers.

One of the best Composer in India...

At first listen to the music of whole world if possible ( at list European and African music since 1600 A.D. ), then compare Salil Chowdhury with the rest of Indian Composers and others. R D Burman is no more, but you can Go to Mr. Ilayaraja, and ask him whether I have written wrong, with due respect to the other composers.

Top five composer like this--- Salil Chowdhury, SJ, LP, SD Burman and RD Burman

29 Hamsalekha

People, please listen to Legendary Hamsalekha sir songs. He writes the lyrics himself for all his songs. Music and Lyrics are mind blowing. He deserves to be in Top 5. If not for the rating, even otherwise do listen to his songs, they are Just too good.

I think People should listen all the tunes composed by Hamsalekha Sir.
People should learn to understand what really the music is. Even though He composed music only to south Indian languages but the tunes he composed heaven.

The best of best in my opinion...a true composer and lyricist...has many records like composing music without any instrument, with only single instrument all time favorite..

Should be in top 10.

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30 Sajid Wajid

Sir I am your biggest fan in the world. I like your all music composed by you. It will be a honour to me if you replay me. Thank you sir.
IN NO:[email protected]

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31 Adnan Sami

Good melodies he compose and his voice too is good. :-)

32 Johnson

A Master and an ace who composed his melodies effortlessly. His greatest achievement was his casual attitude towards his stardom and his humility in general with respect to everybody. His songs have stood the test of time and his music in general elates every single soul who listens to it. Apart from his Music, Mr Johnson is a fantastic human being who nurtured a wonderful family and his legacy lives through his talented daughter, Shan Johnson.

Johnson Master - Winner of 2 National Awards, 6 State Award and many other awards and recognition... Most of all, Winner of a million hearts ho love your Music! Proud to vote for you... I am your greatest fan! You live forever through your evergreen melodies which you have left behind for us! YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you for the Music in it's pure magical form..

Very very Great personality. Humble dedicated talented. Songs and compositions cannot be forgotten. Best music director. Simple personality. Very serious about his work. Great respect for him. Wishing Shan Johnson a bright future in musical ocean. God Bless the family.

Johnson master is one of the genuine composer in our earlier decades of Kerala. He is authentic in both karnatic and western forms of music. Johnson had innovated

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33 Amit Trivedi

King of contemporary music... A competition to Rehman ji.. I mean in terms of pricing and all :P

Best. In terms of unique music and voice.

Overrated. Recycles 90's and 2000's band like Coldplay, Green Day. He is a good mixer, but composer? No way. Most of his music is nothing but rearranged music pieces of other musicians.

Oh ny god! Amit Trivedi on 33? Whats wrong with Indian people.Why don't they appericiate true music..His songs are the one which you go for when you need inspiration in life..his songs are truely motivating..He is my no. 1 Indian composer..
PS: Why is Anu Malik even in this list?

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34 Vijay Antony

He is 1 of the best music director in Tamil I like to...

Your good sir but do more movies and score good sir vvr waiting for u music please come in Tamil cinema

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35 Ajay Atul

Ajay Atul are the best music director in future
Sir I want to meet you.
i want to became a music director like you

He is best music director now in India

Though down in the list now.. There are going to beat rehman in upcoming few years.. Mark my words..

Ajay atul is a greatest music directors

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36 Raveendran

He is not famous only because he is from malayalam industry. His music is divine.

Class cult of malayalam film world.. driven the movies purely out of his music

Hee needed to be in the second place

Agree, he is a master class..

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37 Bappi Lahiri

Only one disco king of this India.

Please compose a real disco music

Sir I am your big fan. I am always waiting for your new song. So pease sing for us thak you.

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38 O. P. Nayyar V 5 Comments
39 Mani Sharma

The best Music Director according to me. I feel there is no one who can even come close to him. Yuvan Shankar Raja is someone who I see second to him. Unfortunately, he has not got the recognition that he deserves.

He is the best of best in all music directors he is so special. and his music is amazing awesome etc so the Mani Sharma is best music director...

He is the best... His music is ever green. Unfortunately the kind of recognition he deserved, he hasn't got.

He deserves top 20!

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40 Hemant Kumar

Outstanding Music Director in Bengali and Hindi film as well as basic disc in bengali.

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