Top Ten Coolest Major League Baseball Stadiums of All Time


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21Citizens Bank Park - Phillies

Great food, great turf, not a lot of people there though. only bad thing is that everything is SOOO expensive! - RPD6478

22Great American Ballpark - Reds

This is a great ballpark. It is so cool when the reds pitcher throws a strike out because fire blows from this huge torch.

Good reason to vacation Ohio great ballpark great roller coaster down the road mason and sandusky locations

23Chase Field - Arizona Diamondbacks
24Nationals Park - Washington Nationals

If you've been here then you know what I mean by saying AMAZING

25Turner Field - Braves

I feel like I grew up with this stadium. Ever since I was a kid, my family and I have come here to enjoy the good times cheering on the greats like Chipper Jones and John Smoltz. It's sad to see they're relocating the Braves stadium.

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26Safeco Field - Mariners

You know it ticks me off when this wasn't up on the list. This stadium has it all, friendly area, the mascot and colors look beautiful. And your saying this isn't good? Well I got something for you, the mariners are not that popular, but it docent mean they don't have a good stadium. Come on people, this got voted in the top five best stadiums ever.

27Marlins Park - Marlins
28Robert Francis Kennedy Memorial Stadium - Senators (60's) and Nationals (New)
29Ebbets Field - Brooklyn

Just looking at the pictures of it takes you back in time, when baseball really was America's pasttime.

30Angel Stadium
31Polo Grounds

All-time? With its unique horseshoe configuration, the Polo Grounds should definitely be in consideration. - tribe95

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