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81Park Chan-yeol - Exo

He may be playful but he is a caring person! He can cook and console other.
He's my type!

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82Yang Yoseob - Beast
83Seohyun - Girls' Generation

The maknae of SNSD is known for being a very upright person. She is an anomaly in the K-Pop world, it is not common to meet many girls or individuals like her. She goes through daily life with discipline always following her morals and ethics. Never speaking disrespectfully to older individuals and her sunbaes. She knows her place and does not overstep boundaries. Seohyun knows how to share her limelight and not hog it all for herself, as well as jump at any chance for attention. She is wary of her actions and what she says, always cautious to make sure what she says and or does, does not hurt anyone's feelings. She is considerate of others often reminding her unnies and others to wear their seat belts, although this may not seem like such a big deal, a large majority of K-Pop idols DO NOT wear their seat belts, Seohyun understands and makes it her utmost priority that everyone is cared for and safe, she thinks not only of her own well-being but of others. She reminds her friends and ...more

To the other person who added a comment for Seohyun -- I agree that some people may have voted for their biases and such, but your comment on that is uncalled for. Just because others may disagree with your opinion does not mean you get to tell them to "open their eyes". Perhaps they did not know about Nichkhun or Seungri's actions, or did not take them into account at the time the voted, not that they simply ignored the fact when voting. I personally did not vote for them (I voted for Yubin, Amber, and Jackson), but I don't think you bashing those who voted for the idols at the top merely because they did not vote for your choice of idol is right. You could have stopped at, "I believe Seo Joohun has the best personality in K-Pop." There was no need to go on and say, "Although she may not be your bias, please take into consideration that this is NOT 'Pick your Top Ten Bias List'". Just because some of us did not vote for Seohyun does not mean that we merely voted for our biases.

Seohyun has the best personality in the whole celebrity world. A great women and an inspiration to all others. Very humble and genuine in her act that anyone can look upto her. Evenafter being drowned in fame, she leads a humble life following her ethics. A women without a single flaw. A pool of kindness, a women with intelligence, a beauty and supertalented - is there a better combination than this.

84Yook Sungjae - BtoB

Yook Sungjae is my #2 husband

85Yoo Ara - Hello Venus

She is so pretty & cute

86Jonghyun - SHINee

He always makes me laugh, he is such a likeable person. I wish he was higher!

He's the one member to love his fans the most and share his daily life with them during Twitter and SNS.
He also appreciate his fans that he sat down with them talking like friends-talk.

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87Sunmi - Wonder Girls
88Chunji - Teen Top

Chunji is a great singer and is always happy and shows his love towards his fans and is always taking care of his members.

Chunji is always nice to everyone and he takes care of his members really well also he should be ranked higher

He's always looking out for the group, and he's so grateful and loving towards fans

89Bang Yong Guk- B.A.P

Very upright person. Thinks of the children in the world more than himself. The best leader in kpop. A good example for many people. :))

He almost always puts the happiness of others before his own, he loves children and no matter how hard he and BAP had it in the past, he's always thinking of donating to charity.
Bang Yongguk is a really sweet and humble leader and a good role model

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90Hongbin - VIXX
91BAP - Zelo / Choi Junhong

Zelo always bowed to other people, rookie groups, senior groups... cutest and kind maknae

92Kim Hyun-A
93Xiumin - Exo

He rarely talk during Exo showtime but he secretly protect the member! As an exol, I'm proud of him.

94Lee Changsub - BtoB

His just too cool. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not and just always true to himself. Plus he's voice is simply amazing!

95Hoya - Infinite

Most emotional idol among kpop love you a lot oppa fighting!

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96Jung Ilhoon - BTOB
97Yubin - Wonder Girls

I fell in love with Yubin on Unpretty Rapstar. She has this personality that is not over-the-top or exaggerated, but is natural and genuinely kind. She is not arrogant, but at the same time recognizes her strengths. She's not super chipper and hyper all the time either, which in my opinion just makes her seem more genuine and less staged.

98Donghyuk - iKonV1 Comment
99Jinwoon - 2AMV1 Comment
100Sungyeol - INFINITE

1. He volunteers at a disabled centre during his free time and it only got found out through a show when the person in charge sent a message in to him.

2.The cat he's taking care of now, Jureumie? He took her in because she was injured.

3.Hoya says Sungyeol is always very considerate for others and chose him as the kindest member.
Myungsoo also stated that he is always thinking of helping others. If he sees anyone in trouble while walking down the street he would give them a helping hand.

Sungyeol doesn't get enough credit as he should. He seems like a very sweet and humble guy

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