Top 10 Mario Games That Should Be Made Into a Movie

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1Super Smash Bros Brawl

Just get the cutscenes use real people and make them talk and you got a moovie that will get you tons of cash.

2Super Mario Bros

Do some more research holywood. heres some tips bowser is a mutant turtle-ox monster, goombas do not have arms, yoshi's are green dinosaurs with red spikes. Toad is a mushroom person not A... singer? Mario and luigi is Italian. there!

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3Super Smash Bros Melee

It will be like a sequel to super smash bros it will be like we need more help to defeat master hand and crazy hand
And giga bowser

4Super Smash Bros

You can make this like the avengers but with master hand instead of loki and the 12 nintendo characters instead of the avengers

5Super Mario Bros Special

This will be a sequel

6Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels

This will be a sequel to the sequel

7Super Mario Bros 2

This will be a sequel to super mario bros the lost levels

8Super Mario Bros 3

This will be sequel to super mario bros 2

9Super Mario World

This will be a sequel to super mario bros 3

10Super Mario 64

This will be a sequel to super mario world

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11Super Mario Galaxy

The Visuals Would Be Jaw Dropping

12Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
13Mario Kart 7
14Mario Golf: World Tour
15Super Paper Mario
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