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Cobblestone is cheap, renewable, useful, blast resistant, flame resistant, and pretty-able all at the same time! What's not to love?

Great for building homes and even entire villages also makes pretty durable tools!

Good for building and crafting.

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Awesome block! You can make damn trampolines!

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24Coal Ore

Very important block! Without it you could not smelt ores with the furnace! that means no gold, iron, glass, brick, stone, and many more imporant blocks!

25SpongeV3 Comments
26Birch Planks
27Jungle Wood

Good for decoration, but not much else.

28Eyes Of Ender

Without these we won't be able to go to the end and finish the game and see the credits...

You wouldn't be able to complete the game, without these!

! Eyes of ender aren't even blocks..

29Dead Bush

What?! No it's the most useless thing in Minecraft only for decoration and noobs

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My Favourite block (after lava)


I, enderbrine, love it! So beautiful, I wanna eat it because it looks like parmesan chees

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33Prismarine Brick

The most pristine looking block.

34LapisV1 Comment
35Grass Block

Doesn't matter which one, it only matters if you get Wood, Apples and MORE Saplings from it!

38Diorite (Polished)

It's so good looking and it has so many uses like making a checkered floor or pixelart

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Excellent for growing mushrooms and if you make a chamber out of mushroom in survival mode, you might be lucky enough to get some Mooshrooms spawning

40Brewing Stand
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