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Payday loans, sometimes referred to as cash advance loans, have received quite a bit of bad press, but when used properly, a pay day loan can have a definite upside. A short term financial bind can happen to a lot of people and being able to get a small loan quickly can save you money by avoiding costly late fees or overdraft charges. Sure, $50 is a steep price to pay for a $300 payday loan, but if it means you are able to get your rent check, house payment, or car payment in on time and avoid the hefty late fees and possible damage to your credit score, it is more than worth it.

When considering a pay day loan, make sure you only get loans when you really need them (not just to purchase non-essentials), that you will be able to repay the loan when it comes due (this is where some people get into trouble), and that you have selected a reputable, reliable, and fair payday loans company. To help with this last step, below is a list of the top ten payday loans providers.
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The Top Ten

Check City
Check City
They are by far the best payday lender out there. Their customer service is always top notch and they truly care about their customers situations and well-being. I am proud to say I am a Check City customer and I would not have made it through some pretty tough situations without them!
Check City is quick, convenient, fair and has the lowest fees of any company I have used
Check City has the best customer service. I can tell the people who work there actually care about me and want to help.
[Newest]Check City has helped me in the past several times. Always fast, and courteous.

2Check 'n Go
Very good payday loan
Best client services and educating of borrowers.
Easy qualifications and easy repayment options. Finance fee is great compared to others
Fast and easy to deal with

3Advance America
Love this Place!
Very nice n trust able company


7Metro Cash Loan
It is most helping company
I heard it is a very good company

8Speedy Cash
These people run a top notch business in my opinion. Always professional, I am able to get a loan very fast and one time, when I had left my DL at home, was able to get a loan with no ID (store manager recognized me as a regular).

I will say that I have always repaid my loans within five days. Most of the time I repay them in under three days, in which case there is no interest accrued. I borrow $250 on Wednesday and on Friday, when I go to pay I owe just $250. You can't beat 0% interest!
Very nice people easy to work with. Just stay in contact with them. They are helping me with my loan now. I got injured at work and lost my job.
They good company nice quick and easy to walk out with cash in hands
I use them and they are nice, friendly and easy to deal with.


The Contenders

It is the best site to get payday loans. help me with every thing. I get $500 and it helped me to pay my bills and some other emergency expenses. Thanks
It's very fast, secure and easy application. Online two step application.
Really easy steps. Get my loan in just few minutes.
[Newest]Very helpful guys at paydayloaneazy... I got my cash loan $700

12Paydays Lead


14Lending Stream

15Pay Day Loans UK
It's very good company offering cheap pay Day Loans from the best lenders.
I got a payday loan with this provider fast and efficiently

It's very fast and easy service

17Check Into Cash
Great company, highly recommended.
Excellent customer service!
BBB accredited... very rare in this industry! 5 stars *****

18Cash In A Snap

19Tide You Over
Quick, friendly and easy use site.

20Tammy's Cash
It's Very friendly. I just want to say thanks Tammy's Cash. I got my cash loan in few minutes and which helped me a lot. It is the best payday loan website ever I used.
Great place to get payday loans... I Google for "Tammy's Cash" and get the website, applied online and got $300 with the best payday lender.
I got $600 cash advance
Thank you tammy's cash
[Newest]Tammy's cash is the best payday loans website... Thanks tammy for helping me to get my payday loan

21Approved Cash Advance
Great customer service


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