Best Roleplaying Games On Roblox

These are the good, the bad, and the ugly roleplays on ROBLOX!

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1The Island Of Mezaa

This is a great game! I enjoy the story plot and the models!

It's a awesome game but it takes a long time to load for me

I'm so glad this game has re-opened! It deserves to be at the top!

I love this game

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2Eerie Pizzeria Roleplay

I've played this some many times! Its amazing!

Awesome. All I have to say is just awesome.

Or otherwise known as, Five Nights At Freddy's roleplay. This game is fun and there is a lot of professional roleplayers on the this game. Only downside is there is a lot of power players. Especially the guards. - Seeingfuture

All fnaf games are horrible

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3FNaf Roleplay

An oldie but a goodie. Only real professionals play this game anymore. The downsides are its way too dark and there is too many glitches. "Noobs" who play this game use girlfriend way too much also. - Seeingfuture

Fnaf makes me want to crawl up in a little hole and die. - idkdan

All Undertale and FNAF games on ROBLOX are horrible. 0/0, Never play.

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4Beach House Roleplay

I love this game and I seen this map it was awesome but later s bully came and was saying shut up all the time but if he wants silence why does he say shut up even if we are quiet?

To be honest, I have always loved this game. But there is a lot of bullies on this game and such. - Seeingfuture

I think this game is amazing and I am playing it write now

Another outdated game on the list

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5Pokemon Evolutions.V2

"Hey, how was your day Mew? I'm a trainer! OH GOD WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME! ". True story.

We don't need POKEMON games now. There's pokemon go

This game is good because a lot of professionals play this but, Many noobs play here and ask obvious questions like "HOW DO I USE THE ATTACKS". Also the attacks are broken. - Seeingfuture

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6Kingdom Life II

This game is amazing, sure theirs game passes to add more content, It is somewhat hard to even find good role players, but this is one of those role playing games with a lot of content, A decent sized map, Races you can be, And a lot of clothes and accessories you and wear.

I loved this game and all the customization options it offered, I'm fairly awkward if people don't talk to me first, so I found it hard to join the main RP conversations so I began to look for smaller servers that helped me come out of hiding. Overall I think it's one of my favorite rpm games besides darkened dawn and eternal moon. 9/10

I play this game all the time it's so fun Tip:Stick around the castle a lot of people are there most of the time!

This game is absolutely amazing! I love the animations and all the customization options there are.

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7Any My Little Pony roleplay

One day I put in horses and the only horses games I got were who's my little pony and am a boy! AM A BOY!

Nobody likes these. Lets be honest. - Seeingfuture

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8Roblox High School

This is a great role playing game and it shows the life of a teenager during school during prom and after school. I give this game a 10/10

I was just playing earlier and everyone was role playing

It's actually like an app inside a game (I play on mobile) - Enderninja327

I love Roblox High School so much

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9After the Flash

It is a great roleplaying game, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world...

This has been a LONG time favorite I'm glad to see it on this list

This deserves first place, but not a lot of players play on it.

Should be higher up!

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10Modern House Roleplay

Now, I have never played this before but I have seen videos about it. Do not unleash a hate attack. Please - Seeingfuture

An Online-Dating haven for little kids.

This is where little kids learn porn

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The Contenders

11Darkened Dawn

Very good game to play in, only don side is that when you do an action nobody takes notice of it and doesn't follow.

I am a great friend of the creator of that game, so I agree.

This one's a sure classic. It's a huge, secret-filled map. It's been dominated by lots of noobs who don't know how to roleplay or just want to OD. But y'know. There are still good ones on some of the servers. C

I love the game you try it

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12Anime High School (Slice of Life)

I have played it its not poplar but it good

It really doesn't have anything to do with anime but it is probably one of my favorite RPGs.

Great game, great experience. Easy and much experienced RPers.

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13Starship Roleplay

Honestly, this is the best role-playing game that has ever existed on ROBLOX, for it has an amazing map so far, and has a short, but amazing lore right now. As well as its community being amazing with its groups of vast lore and supporting members. This game deserves to make it up to the top. Roblox Tactical Engineers deserves to be put up with the gods.

Awesome game, made by the Roblox Tactical Engineers group.

Love it honestly one best role play games with amazing costumes and roles so much to role play I could spend all day playing

Yeah it sounds amazing can't wait to play it

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Good game I used to play it literally everyday, but it really needs to update more often and I do understand it take a while but even something small will help. It's gotten old for me. You should try it out!

I play it every time I get to and I met a lot of new people yesterday. Today I might role play with them again. I highly suggest it to people who want to meet others, or just to plain role play!

I think this is a educational game, because it teaches kids the concepts of life.

This also has the new Halloween update with HUGE mansions.

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15Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

I personally don't like the game and think something else should be here, but I will admit, I sharped my RP skills here from time to time.

This game is so fun! Me and my bestie's play it like all the time and I like it it AWESOME AS!

Is that tremity's? If it's his then yeah I could rate this 5 stars if I could on roblox

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16Lion RP

Great RP! There's lots of secrets and a great map. Also lion avatars are really cool and costumizable.

Really awesome roleplayers and a lot of content to play through - quite a few noobs though.

Great roleplay! I lukÄ™ to play as a could And be unborn And sometimes I even jump into a volcano! If u jump in it then u will fall into a secret cave where you can only get into by jumping into the volcano or going through the labirynth

17Eternal Moon

I spend a lot, I mean A LOT, of time on this game. It's really amazing, and I really love Eternal Moon 3, too!

I love this one. The hair styles are anime-like, and the animoid morphs and weapons are awesome. I've probably spent most of my roleplaying time on this game.

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18Vampire Kingdom

This game is good for fierce role-players

This is my favorite! If you haven't vote for it!

They should make so iOS can play better

Should be higher up

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19Dawn of the Wolves

It's such a unique Rpg. Each wolf has it's own ability, strengths and weaknesses. You can fly, teleport and even run super fast. The map is huge and pretty, and there's so much freedom you can have that would usually be restricted in other wolf games, such as magic. I play it every day and in my opinion it's even better than Mezaa!

Despite the amount of gore in this game, it does have humour. The Genetics and magics room is the best example of this, and you can tell that the creator isn't all serious and strict based on that room. I love this game so much

Customization is good and there's actually a few unique options in there that you'd usually have to mention in your bio for people to know. You can have broken legs/wings, floppy ears, glowing eyes and have longer teeth. The only problem with this update is that it now takes a while to load and lags for some, but probably the best non-gui wolf customization out there.

So cool! Although I wish they added actions. Nevertheless, it's still awesome! Xxx

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20Life in Paradise

Whatcha say? This game is filled with 3 year olds asking people who they don't know on a date? I agree. 1/10

I like it honestly the morph magic but the dating is not real so chill

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