Strongest WWE Wrestlers

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John Cena
Saw him lift Show and Edge on his back at the same time at Wrestlemania.
John cena have not lost even a single fair fight and he defeated mark henry (World's strongest man) in an arm wrestling, even mark henry salutes him. And the most importantly, he had never tapped out in his entire career.
Dude WWE is fake, do you really think cena can beat henry in a arm wrestling match is REAL life, henry broke records by pulling 2 tractor trailers!
if you remember cena had beaten strong tag teams hhh & orton
[Newest]The champ is here
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2Brock Lesnar
I go with Brock the guy is a beast just look at these numbers.

bench press 655 pounds
squat 920 pounds
deadlift 900 pounds and he throws 300-500 pound guys with ease.

Look at a match between lesnar vs big show at royal rumble 2003 and you will see who is the strongest wrestler in wwe
He is better than each and every superstar in wwe, as well as in any reality show of wrestling no one can beat him...
[Newest]The strongest wrestler is the beast (Brock Lesnar
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3Bill Goldberg
Goldberg is the most powerful wrestler ever (strength speed intensity). He'd jackhammered Big Show couple of times in WCW. He's Kratos of wrestling.
He's the strongest! He jackhammered big show. He picked up 541 pounds with one arm. He can bench 605 pounds. He can beat anyone!
[Newest]Real king real man
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4Mark Henry
The guy is an accomplished power lifter. He has broken records in the big three and won competitions by miles drug free. He was stronger in high school than most of the dedicated strength trainers you will come across in a gym. His talent and raw strength should put him at the top. I can't speak for these other guys because they were not required to pass drug tests during their ultimate displays of power and strength.
Mark Henry can bench press over 700lbs he world strongest slammed big show-485lbs held across his chest and picked up over his head and slammed, and he cleaned and pressed 451lbs with the greatest of ease and held it up their for over 5 seconds.
You are crazy if you don't accept that Mark Henry is the strongest guy ever to have wrestled in the WWE. He may not have the upper body/arm wrestling strength of Kane or Lesnar but his weightlifting and powerlifting records still stand today and without a shadow of a doubt his legs and back are stronger than anyone who has ever set foot in the locker room.
Given that the legs and back are the strongest muscles in a human body that makes him the strongest.
[Newest]He pulled two tractor trailers enough said

He can fight even having injuries that is why he is the strongest wrestler
Taker can makes all the nexus members down. He should be at the top 3


its 95% all of his fight are winning
[Newest]Undertaker posses greatest endurance and tremendous power
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Even Brock Lesnar said that no one can beat Kane in arm wrestling. He said that Arm wrestling with kane is like pulling a tree with one arm. I think he deserve the 1st rank.
Kane is the strongest!
Kane before he tore his biceps was really strong. Glenn in his prime(1999-2002) was the strongest guy in the WWF locker room! His upper-body strength was incredible! He was pure power!
I am watching WWE from I WAS 6TH YEAR OLD and I watched Kane first time in 1998. Kane was the great wrestler in the WWF. HE made his big mistake by removing the Halloween mask and big red T-Shirt. Now he become old but he can still defeat his enemy but now 'Evil is Brocken' in WWE


[Newest]I wish masked Kane returns soon
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7The Great Khali
Khali is the Indian face in WWE. He is more than 7 feet tall and can defeat even the wwe masters such as kane, undertaker and bigshow
Benches 800pounds and 600 pounds 5 times. Also was a bodybuilder but he is a bit slow when he is walking although :/ but he is a strongman
Great Khali has power also he defeat undertaker, batista, john cena, kane in there first match against khali
[Newest]The great khali is strongest because he has power to defeat anyone

Even though many people said that Batista use steroids, he was the hell strong! He Batisa Bombed Umaga (R.I.P)and he is very strong, that's why he is in MMA right now like the ol' strong people in WWE like Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. He is very strong and no matters if you people don't think it because he can take he hell out of us in O.005 Secs.


HE great the strong the Animal Champ real good like The Rock the people Champions and he strong than John Cena has some strong too. But Batista was too strong always the World Heavyweight Champion at Smackdown! He was good a man and some a special move, spear, spinebuster, batista bomb and batista bite! I love the Animal batista character in the wwe
Batista is a really strong wrestler, who defeated undertaker, John cena, Kane, big show, triple h, HBK, Rey, Khali, Mark Henry, and many other strong wrestlers.
[Newest]The stories in the world

9Big Show
Just look how big he is
He defeated mark henry the khali kane mostly john
Big show you are the #1st best wwe wrestler because you can do chokeslam on great khali and mark henrey
[Newest]Big show is a king in wrestling

10The Rock
The Rock is the people's champ at wrestlemania he finished John cena he rock bottomed Brock lesnar and Goldberg and he is wwe greatest wrestler when he rock bottomed H it rised the crowd
The guy that defeated hulk hogan, austin, and john cena, and the only guy that ended WCW and ECW
He's also the toughest he's going to be coming before X-mas so that's my x-mas gift
[Newest]If you smell what the rock and what is cookie?

The Contenders

Ryback is the strongest
Ryback is the best. Nobody can defeat him. He can beat any body in wwe. Ryback is the real storm
Ryback is my favorite, CM Punk sucks and Ryback should get the title.
[Newest]Ryback is an ass

12Andre the Giant
Andre's strength was never tested. He is one of the only wrestlers to be feared by everyone in the day. Basically the rule was, if Andre wanted to beat you, it was over, because he was so strong. There is a story about Andre and the Ultimate Warrior that is really crazy! During their squabble, Andre was supposed to throw the Warrior into the ropes and the Warrior was supposed to clothesline Andre. Well, apparently, the Warrior really hit Andre very hard. Andre went to Bobby the Brain and told him what the Warrior did. Bobby told Andre that he needed to go and tell Vince. Andre refused. He said he would talk to the Warrior. He told the Warrior to ease off. The next night, the Warrior hit Andre even harder. When he told Bobby the Brain again, Bobby said to him you have to tell Vince what is going on. Andre told Bobby, no, I will handle the Warrior. The next night Andre threw the Warrior into the ropes and the Warrior came even faster and harder. Andre put his fist up and almost knocked the Warrior out. He was big and strong and nobody could beat him.


He maybe was not tested, but he was wwe champion for the longest time and plus I can do more than most the wrestlers today and I'm 18. Andre the giant if he went against undertaker today the streak would be over. Therefore Andre the Giant is the strongest ever lived.
The man flipped over a packed car after drinking 7 cases of beer! Enough said.. He was the strongest by far!
[Newest]He is fat and lol

No doubt he is the strongest. Saw him lift the big show and surviving His knockout punch
Sheamus is the very nice and brave man. He is the good wrestler in the world. His brock kick is very fast.
Because he is so strong that he can beat anyone in the ring like john cena, alberto and randy orton
[Newest]Sheamus is a nice player

14Randy Orton
The viper the predator with the rko he is unstopable he should be number one not 22 he is the youngest world champion beating people like triple h john cena sheamus and much more
He should be there after cena. Performing an rko or ddt is not a joke
Randy orton is the best wwe wrestler of all time. He has beaten every wrestler and he can prove that he can be one. If I chose be team with a wrestler it would randy orton. His anger doesn't just help him, it helps him other people like John Cena. He should be number one instead of 16
[Newest]I love randy so much

15Hulk Hogan
Hulk hogan is the babe ruth of wrestling, in wcw without a wwe watered down wrestling hulk hogan led wcw ratings to leave wwe in ted turners dust. Hulk hogan in wwe made the ultimate face and in wcw made the ultimate heel. Everywhere the hulkster goes the wrestling company he is at becomes better than it was before he was there and tna is no different for tna was barely on the map before hogan hit the impact zone. FOREVER A HULKAMANIAC!
Hulk hogan picked up andre the giant, yokozuna, he is the strongest brother. And he is the best, ant the strongest. Hulk hogan is STRONGEST IF ALL TIME BROTHER! AND that's AWESOME BROTHER
I think Hulk Hogan is the strongest because he hardly lost a match even in his late 50's. He also has good rivals like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson. )
[Newest]He can with ease body slam the big show after a leg drop

16Bobby Lashley
The dude lifted a car! How is he not in the top ten
I think Bobby lashley is more powerful then anybody he can beat brock or any body he is my favourite wrestler
Bobby is strongest wrestler he is lift the great khali who is the big man of the WWE

17Triple H
Triple h is the strongest wwe wrestler. He is the kink of kings and the game. He is the cerebral assassin
He's strong just look at he's workout to wrestlemania
Look how he lifted undertaker at wrestlemania 28 when the undertaker was hells gating him
Look at his muscles!
Triple h is best he is a water spitter tipe but he batterd ryback so he will keep going farther and farther and farther to being wwe champion when he does john cena will be gone ot of wwe no the thin
[Newest]Bow down to the king

18Ezekiel Jackson
He is new wrestler but he is strong slamming bigshow 2 times
What he is the strongest man alive he should be in the top 3.
Big zeke can slam big show 2 times men and torture rack great khali

19Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone cold is the powerful wrestler in the world
Stone cold should be no1 he has took down kane and The Undertaker
Austin maybe little than Henry or Big Show, but he can make an Undertaker buried alive. I'm glad it's not a real cemetery. Haha!
Stone cold Steve Austen WWE raw fight
[Newest]He is the man who had won 3 royal rumbles

20Big E Langston
This man is the strongest in the WWE today
This guy should be in the top 5
Powerful he deserves 1st to 10 man this guy can lift big show if he tries and to would andre the giant

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