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To be honest, I'm a little girl who has a most disliked color, pink! I'm just an eight year old tomboy... Its just... I'm not saying its a bad color, I just don't like it! I like barf green better :D anyway! I really like black NOT because it is popular, but because I like it! A lot of little girls like me when I was a toddler LOVE pink! My older sister still loves it GET ORANGE OFF THIS LIST ITS MY MIDDLE OLDER SISTER FAVORITE COLOR! MY BROTHER IS CALLING ME STINKY NOW! Anyway! Pink? Not me color...
Alright a year or two ago we bought a house my dad said I'm going to surprise you with a color in you room and my favourite color than was pink (now its blue) so my dad made it light pink now I hate pink waking up every morning with pink is :/
I hate pink so much the main reason I hate pink is because of all the stupid girly girls/sexual objects at school I am an 11year old girl my favorite color is black and I hate all the girly girls who make sexual objects out of themselves
[Newest]I love pink it's the best color and I'm 11 who ever hates pink is not cool

2Barf Green
It is goss. It is always the 1st color I think of when I think about what color I think is the worst. Orange is nearly the opposite color of it, and I think is probably the second worst out of all the other colors. Thanks.
Ugly definitely I saw this girl the other day wearing it it almosy made me PUKE. Laugh out loud I KNOW SEE
I hate this colour and I LOVE yellow y is it on and I'm from australia and yellow and green are the best colours here!


[Newest]Who likes barf? Did some idiot throw up and think Hey, this is a gross color. Everyone will hate it. Oh well, I want to die anyway.

A lot of gross things have yellow in common. Mucus, cheese (which I, for one, cannot stand), urine, insect eggs, wasps (although, I like black), rancid milk, vomit, earwax, bad porridge, just to name a few. So a lot of yellow things just look gross. Someone I know has a yellow car. Whenever I see it driving along, I picture a massive sneeze of phlegm and puke about to splatter me!
All colors have their place. Yellow is ok if it appears in the right situation like with vibrant yellow and white flowers. Yellow, is overused in the worst situations. Like websites. Don't use a yellow background for anything on a website.
Yellow is my favorite color! It is the color of sunshine, hope, and optimism. It seriously does NOT deserve to be on this list with Puke green and Puce. Yellow lovers unite! To say this color is ugly is a travesty.

Rust is so ugly It looks like the color of pooh
I think rust is so ugly I hate it. Ew. I think its not a color even.
It looks like a rat face, rust water is even nastier. I hate going out and looking at something that is the color of rust. It makes me want to puke. It usually looks like doo doo
Rust was the color of a bitter medicine I had to take when I was a kid. Ick. Once I saw some shoes that were that exact color. Made me want to gag.

No orange is a awesome color
Orange is the least elegant color. Think of prison uniforms and the roofs of Howard Johnson's. Orange looks good on African Americans and other very dark-skinned people. It looks horrible on everyone else.
Ugh I hate the colour but I love the fruit!
[Newest]I do think orange is prettier than yellow.


:( I love purple!
Purple is my favourite colour, it's beautiful
Purple is pretty and awesome! Favorite color
[Newest]Purple isn't that bad of a color.

7Dark Brown
the same color as poop. YUCK!


Some people are dark brown. I think you should take it off the list. It's VERY hurtful to people.
... My hair is dark brown... :( MY NATURAL HAIR COLOR IS THE COLOR OF POOP! Thanks for making me feel ugly...
[Newest]My hair is also dark brown but I get natural highlights in the summer

Puce is the French word for flea. The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets even after being laundered from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been killed.

How can you NOT vote for (or is it against) this awful color?
I swear it says ugly color in the dictionary


How are yellow and green worse than this?!
[Newest]Nothing like a puce sweater

9Olive Green
Ugh... I hate it. It makes me think of puke. What was the purpose of this color? Who is the idiot that thought this color was such a great idea!? Whoever it is, I want to slap them.
This should be first with brown and puke green how is green worse than olive green (more like crap green) if this is #14 everyone voting other colors is color blind unless you voted for puke green or brown some unhonorable mentions


It's neutral though, besides most people buy their toms and bobs in olive green


The Contenders

11Mold Green
Totally gross, like a darker shade of its counter part: puke. Ugh! :{
Even the name is horrible.

12Chrome Yellow


Beige is one of my least favourite colours. Even the name is unappealing, reminding me of a cat retching. It is a pale, indecisive colour with undertones of vomit. It is alright in the correct situations: in sand, on a faun, or in a sentence describing what 'ugly' really means. This may partially, however, stem from bad, bad memories in a long car-ride in a rented beige van. The smell of fake leather pressed up against me, invading my nostrils... The shouting was load, intense, and then the car skidded off the road, into--what other colour? Beige! --grass. I really though we were all going to die.
I hate it too. I don't get why people think it looks good. It's so plain.
Beige should only be seen on a naked body! Beige is boring and unflattering. One of my worst experiences ever with the colour beige is when my mother made me wear a beige turtle neck as a kid. It had to be the most unflattering colour I have ever worn. It even looks horrible painted on walls! Its suppose to be neutral, however it is so unforgiving its not even funny!
Beige is very elegant, beige shirts look very professional and beige goes very well with gold and on most skin tones

15Blood Red

I love grey! As an eye color, if it is the right pale color. Darker greys may not be as beautiful, but this color is superbly amazing.
My least favorite color is black. Then gray. I don't know why a lot of people's favorite color is black. Although, I hate dark brown too.
Seriously? My favorite colour is the blue-gray colour of the clouds!

17Hot Pink
I hate this color. You could paint the 80's with it. It hurts my eyes to look at it. It's just an ugly, ugly color on everything and everyone except Gwen Stefani and Jem & The Holograms.

I'm not a fan of green and think of it as an overrated color, except in things involving Christmas and golf, both of which have green as a major color. But if you consider plants in general, if you remove the chlorophyll inside all their cells, or somehow remove the green aspect of it, they would likely look more red, orange, or yellow, all of which are in the fall season. This is why I occasionally perceive green to be an artificial color in nature. JMO :/.
Gren is the best color ever so shut up you humans/robots/whatever you are.


[Newest]Green it's just so hideous I hate it

19Dark Orange

20Yellow Ochre
Never heard of the color 😃😊

21Light Blue
Light blue baby blue dark brown blue in general is amaz
I think Blue anything is pretty much ugly. I hate it never liked it boring depressing wired and gray is very ugly to


23Light Brown
I like this color, actually.


Ok brown kinda grosses me out like EWW it make everything look gross



It's my favorite color

27Dark Fuschia



I love lavender! Its one of my favorite colours!

Cream is one of the most ugliest colors ever

What's so gross about blue? Everybody likes this color, especially when we're living in a blue planet. Whoever put this item on the list needs help!
Blue is awesome also goes with purple, orange, and yellow. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and the water you drink. How could you ever not like it?
Blue is cool its my favorite color whoever said it is ugly got some problems
[Newest]Blue is GREATER than gray

I think that Red Blue and Green should be Number 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Red is the best color ever it should not be on the list, it is also the color of our blood.
This is one of the best colors, why it is on the list? Take it OFF!

It is also my favorite color


I like red blue and green they should be 99999999999999999999999999999099999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
You no the peep who said that red is the color of our blood well our blood is blue inside our body
[Newest]I do think purple is prettier than red but I love this color too.


Powerful color man it goes with everything true that
My cat has black fur


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