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41 Sudeep

Superb artist...
Emotes very effectively and has sexy voice apart from good-looking

He fits for indian real actors style, well set physique, style like amitab and salman khan. All the best sudeep

Sudeep is real actor

Super Acting sir..

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42 Nivin Pauly Nivin Pauly

A very good romantic hero having a lot girl fans in kerala, and he also has glamour too

Nivin is the most talented actor.. he is so cute n stylish!

Looking beautiful

After seeing the remakes of his movie,we can find that he is irreplaceable.

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43 Sathyan V 1 Comment
44 Shivrajkumar

Great actor and dancer

He is the only person in India acted in more number of novel based movies. around 20 movies...

Great actor like his father

Super Shivarajkumar

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45 Nazriya Nazeem

Cutie of south Indian Films
Best suited for heroine characters

Cute girl and naughty actoress

She is a beauty cutie and my favourite ACTRESS. 💝.
And one thing I forgot to tell when I was voting for lalettan. (mohanlal)
How come u kept my lalettan at the 9th place! 😠. After that stupids : Vijay,Pawan Kalyan,Mahesh Babu.etc.? U are mad only DONKEYS! 🐮.

46 Suriya Sivakumar Suriya Sivakumar Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya, is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter, who is currently working in the Tamil film industry.

Super actor in Tamil film industry at present. He is the future sivaji ganesan.

Very stylish and awesome acting

I am waiting for ANJAAN

24 is a vry good replacement. but please select good story + new type stories sir.please act with jo...She s your everything and good partner in real and real.

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47 Shivaji Ganesan
48 Naga Chaitanya

He is stylish&cute loverboy

He is simple and silent boy with a good voice and charming looks

He is lover boy, young nata samraat


49 Nitin Reddy

Upcoming super star with good skills in all frames

He is great actor after megastar and prince in telugu.

He is upcoming superstar in telugu

He is a genuine person and good actor,I like his punctuality

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50 V. Ravichandran

The one and only romantic hero in Indian film industry...

The crazy star. The best actor...

Romantic actor of South film industry

He Is True legend Of Indian Cinema

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51 Trisha Krishnan Trisha Krishnan

She is south queen...

Trisha is a cute and good herion
Her films are so good

Please act when u acted in 2006 something something and 2008 bheema. these were lukin u like an angel. but now totally bored.

52 Arjun Sarja

The best action hero of India.

Action hero multi language actor

53 Jayam Ravi

He is so handsome and romantic. He is more handsome than vijay

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54 Asif Ali

He is looking good but not better as an actor

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55 Srinivasan

He is so humble and very good decent actor.
He pays and help to the poor people he is a real hero too

56 Srikanth

He is the best actor and he is the real king

He's acting is simply superb

Srikanth action very good

57 Shiva Rajkumar

One and only Take one hero in Indian cinema...very down to earth person

He is one of the great hero in Indian cinema

58 R. Madhavan

Most handsome romantic forever

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59 Vishal Krishnan

Come soon in top ten hero

Very good action hero

Very good hero

I like vishal Anna.

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60 Sivaji Ganesan Sivaji Ganesan

Legend of Indian cinema

Legendary of Indian cinema as well as pride to have him as an extraordinary actor

Best actor. Could fit into many varied roles excellently.

Universe in acting

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