Top 10 Anime Cliches

This is a descriptive list of some of the biggest cliche's which can be found in anime. If you have any other cliche's which you think should be on this list, feel free to add them below!

The Top Ten Anime Cliches

1 Adolescent Setting

Whether the anime takes place in a school or not, anime's typically involve people in their early or late teenage years. - 4Tifier

2 Accidental Perverted Moments

From accidental trips over a girl to literally squeezing their boobs, almost every anime has a moment where the protagonist accidentally gets close to a girl in a perverted way. - 4Tifier

3 No One Looks Asian

Let's face it, for a cartoon that takes place in Japan you'd expect everyone to be Asian. Yet in anime, this is extremely hard to find! - 4Tifier

4 Giant Boobs

This has high school dxd written all over it the girls are around the ages of 15 and somehow their boobs are bigger than most of their body parts. Why is that?

5 Stupid Protagonist
6 Nose Bleeds
7 Friendship Is Literally Stronger Than Magic
8 Harems

In many anime's, there tend to be a lot of girls (or boys) who fall in love with the main character. It really gets ridiculous after awhile! - 4Tifier

A certain Black Swordsman (who I have as a favorite anime character by the way) comes to mind when you think about harems... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Dude what are you talking about? Guts doesn't have a harem, he had a lover, but let's not get into that. - Xross

Hmmm... perhaps this black swordsman starts with a K?
And, like,

9 Where Are The Parents?

The main thing. All shounen anime have their protagonist's parents missing. They don't have any role to play in the show - Kiteretsunu

10 Fan Service Shots

Let's face it, almost every anime that's filled with - 4Tifier

this is the only thing I remember out of to-love-ru - starryrcad

The Contenders

11 Everyone Is At Highschool
12 Gluttonous Characters

In many anime's, you'll always find that one characters who can keep on eating and never stop. It gets disturbing after awhile. - 4Tifier

I don't watch One Piece, but boy, can Luffy really chow it down with his favorite food, aka meat! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 Tsunderes

Why are these characters so popular and why do they always get the guy in the end?
There’s nothing endearing about watching a loud, obnoxious, stubborn, rude girl constantly berating the male character, insulting him, bossing him around and PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING him, only to see that she gets her happily ever after in end after behaving so horribly.
If the genders were reversed it wouldn’t be seen as ‘cute’ it would be an abusive relationship. But because it’s the woman doing the hitting it’s apparently funny. NOT!

14 Beach Episodes
15 Swimming Episodes
16 The Guy Licks A Girl For No Reason
17 An Antagonist Licks One Of The Main Characters
18 Incest

eromanga sensei, enough said.
yes, they're step-sibs but it still counts lmao - starryrcad

19 Disgusting Characters
20 One Useless Main Character
21 Anime Crying
22 Anime Screaming
23 Anime Laughing
24 Anime Gore
25 Underwater Episodes
26 Tearful Episodes
27 Useless Main Female Protagonists
28 Yanderes

Its just straight up crap and even worse than tsunderes

29 Girl Running Late for School with Toast in Her Mouth
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