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61 Bleach - Opening 14 (Blue) V 1 Comment
62 Shukgun No Shana - Opening 1
63 Akame Ga Kill - Skyreach Akame Ga Kill - Skyreach

It�'s really amazing, but once you finish the anime and start linking the feelings of everyone and their struggle, that is when you understand the true meaning of this song.

64 No Game No Life - This Game

I don't know why this isn't higher up on the list the song is so catchy and amazing

This one should be rated way better

Best anime op ever

This song blew me away when I first heard it. Everything is so blisteringly beautiful and well coordinated. The piano, drums, vocals, all top level and absolutely phenomenal. This is a perfect song.

Honestly the best anime theme song I've ever heard.

V 2 Comments
65 Magi Labyrinth of Magic

I definitey loved all of the Magi openings. They were fun, snazzy, catchy, and eye catching in general. Not to mention the muskc is just spot on.

66 Nightmare - Hell Girl
67 Hikaru Nara - Your Lie April Op1

Best anime song ever so emotional when I watched the anime I cried but when I listen to hikaru nara I still get the feels help my overcome the feels

The only theme song that brings me back to the emotions of the anime within hearing the first few notes.

Hikaru Nara decisively tells you the entire story. I love this anime and bawled at the end of it

Best opening anime I have heard. The song have the cheerfully beats to keep your spirits of lifes up!

V 5 Comments
68 Naruto Shippuden Opening 4 - Closer

Possibly the best opening out there. Fairly underrated, too.

It's the best song of Naruto with a slow melody next a pure rock : it's just amazing to hear.

By far the best opening of Naruto and one of my favorite openings ever

Closer is cool and easy listening

69 Clannad After Story - Opening 1

Why the hell is this so low down the list? This song is everything Tori no Uta is but better! This song is beautiful and so is the animation...

This is a good opening to a great series

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70 Sword Art Online - Crossing Field

I love SAO its really cool. But then (SPOILERS WARNING! ) Asuna joined another guild ;-;

71 Tonight Tonight Tonight - Bleach
72 Noragami - Hello Sleepwalkers

I think this is such a cool song, and even though I don't like rock music, I still really enjoy the music

A very underrated opening from a very underrated anime

The song makes it so much more fun to watch the anime, I love it it's so catchy!

Simply fantastic - Feyros

V 5 Comments
73 One Piece - We Are (English version)

One of the all time greatest. Fun, iconic and full of action. Has a right that will always stick with you and brings a sence of adventure and nostalgia. All one piece songs are Golden.

74 Black Butler - Opening 2

Both OPs of Black Butler are the same song, but both OPs are still memorable and really good.

Chicken: this opening is good my friend!

This song is written so you could enjoy it anytime you like!
It's Refreshing and Up-beat, Giving the strength you require while it's words are getting you to tears

75 Blue Exorcist - Opening 2: In My World

This song is so catchy and easy to just listen to on repeat. Personally I think the first OP fits the show better, but this one is still good.

This song really sends out Rins message

76 Noragami Aragoto - Kyouran Hey Kids

One does not simply skip Noragami's opening. This opening is badass and the vocals are on point. Kudos to the composer. - Absolite

This deserves to be higher; look it up (please) and you'll get what I mean

Needs to be way higher, at least in the top 20. I love this opening so much, I have the full song saved on my iTunes. Very catchy and badass! I thought that no opening could beat the 1st and then this came along. Definitely the best

Why isn't this top 10?! :'(
One of my favourite OP's

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77 Dragon Ball Z Kai - Dragon Soul

It's like very catchy and cool. And it has an emotion of happiness

Catchiest song in existence! So epic.

78 Gundam 00 - Daybreak's Bell
79 Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Boys and Girls

The composition, the music, the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics! Everything is so great in this song!

I've watched many animes and listened many openings, but honestly, This anime has one of the best story, characters, and songs...

All of the KHR openings are my favorite but this one always gets me pumped for the action.

I love this song.. I actually worked hard memorizing it.! I also love KHR.

V 2 Comments
80 Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? - Opening 1
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