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61 To Aru Majutsu No Index - Opening 1: PSI-missing
62 Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe
63 Fairy Tail - Opening 16: Strike Back

Best Op ever it should be number 1 man you people have to listen to this op

Nearly unanimously the best Fairy Tail opening. And that's saying something. - izayaorihara

It's awesome why it's 56? It has to be higher! - Tuana123

the BEST!

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64 Yumeiro Patissiere Professional
65 Naruto - Yura Yura

A lovely song to finish off a lovely anime

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66 Bleach - Opening 14 (Blue)


67 Shukgun No Shana - Opening 1
68 Re: Zero Opening 1 Redo
69 Akame Ga Kill - Skyreach Akame Ga Kill - Skyreach

This anime opening is amazing! More people need to vote for this

It�'s really amazing, but once you finish the anime and start linking the feelings of everyone and their struggle, that is when you understand the true meaning of this song.

70 Boku No Hero Academia Opening 1 The Day

It is actually a pretty good one, just a lil bit short.

71 Magi Labyrinth of Magic

I definitey loved all of the Magi openings. They were fun, snazzy, catchy, and eye catching in general. Not to mention the muskc is just spot on.

72 Mob Psycho 100 - 99
73 Nightmare - Hell Girl
74 Clannad After Story - Opening 1

Why the hell is this so low down the list? This song is everything Tori no Uta is but better! This song is beautiful and so is the animation...

This is a good opening to a great series

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75 Naruto Shippuden Opening 4 - Closer

Possibly the best opening out there. Fairly underrated, too.

It's the best song of Naruto with a slow melody next a pure rock : it's just amazing to hear.

By far the best opening of Naruto and one of my favorite openings ever

Closer is cool and easy listening

76 Sword Art Online - Crossing Field

I love SAO its really cool. But then (SPOILERS WARNING! ) Asuna joined another guild ;-;

77 Black Butler - Opening 2

Both OPs of Black Butler are the same song, but both OPs are still memorable and really good.

I like all black butler songs but I randomly picked this one

Chicken: this opening is good my friend!

This song is written so you could enjoy it anytime you like!
It's Refreshing and Up-beat, Giving the strength you require while it's words are getting you to tears

78 Tonight Tonight Tonight - Bleach
79 One Piece - We Are (English version)

One of the all time greatest. Fun, iconic and full of action. Has a right that will always stick with you and brings a sence of adventure and nostalgia. All one piece songs are Golden.

80 Blue Exorcist - Opening 2: In My World

This song is so catchy and easy to just listen to on repeat. Personally I think the first OP fits the show better, but this one is still good.

This song really sends out Rins message

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