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141 Mother's Rosario Arc (Sword Art Online II)

When I wanted more from the Phantom Bullet arc, I was given something even more enchanting: The Mother's Rosario Arc. It was Asuna's biggest break ever in the Mother's Rosario arc. Not to mention Yuuki Konno is so awesome. Plus, she was the answer to people who thought Kirito was too overpowered. Most importantly, it helped redefine who Asuna was in the franchise and created some of the most tearjerking moments in the series. Finally, no fan service if anyone wants to know.

Why why WHY is this on the last page! People need to appreciate this arc more.

Why don't more people appreciate this arc? For those who thought the Aincrad arc was flawed, this was the answer to every fan who wanted a nearly flawless arc. I can spot almost, if not, no flaws at all with this arc. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The FEELS! - Coreylordo

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142 Fourth Shinobi World War (Naruto Shippuden)

Ths is the best arc ever. people fightin with the dead who in fact know each other. best villain revived. Truth be shown of madara. what mor do you want.
And wait I forgot. Naruto and sasuke both died on the battle n later revived by fake madara

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