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1 Other players killing you

Most annoying thing on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. I go on Passive mode and can't rob stores and go on challenges cause of stupid 6 year olds killing everyone they see - CheesyNachos

Now normally, this isn't much of a big deal. But when it's a camper or someone targeting you for no ' reason, I get kind of irritated.

I had a Bounty put on me for no reason at all

You need to be some sort of supersoldier to withstand the 10 year olds killing you. - Dominicmgm

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2 The loading menu is ridiculously long
3 When another player has a wanted level you automatically get one
4 You need some money to do jobs
5 You don't receive much money or RP from jobs
6 The pause menu doesn't actually pause the game

Obviuosly. It's an Online game. The only advantage will be if it automatically gave you Passive mode when in Pause menu so you can't be killed when looking for a job. - CheesyNachos

7 Vehicles are so expensive

The price of the armored kuruma always grow up. One day the kuruma will cost one million dollar.

8 You need to have a certain rank to get new weapons
9 The gates at the military base are always closed
10 You need to be rank 12 to do heists

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11 It's basically what GTA V is now

Let's face it, when was the last time Rockstar added even the slightest thing to Single player, ever since Grand Theft Auto Online came out? The worst part is, at least in my opinion, that Online seems to get all the good stuff. Hot Wheels-like race tracks, amazingly well-performing and good-looking vehicles, and just all-in-all a much more immersive gameplay than SP. Hell, you could say that Online has basically become Grand Theft Auto 6 at this point. Not saying the actual game is immersive, by the way. - Livirus

12 Little kids play it
13 Not as many features as single player
14 Spawning in the Country Side
15 Kids And Trolls Say That They're Hackers
16 Bounties Put On You For No Reason
17 The Radio Stations
18 Ugly Protagonists
19 Cheaters
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1. Other players killing you
2. The loading menu is ridiculously long
3. When another player has a wanted level you automatically get one


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