Why? Why do you all hate her? She wanted what's best for her clan. She was wring and I'm sorry for that. But she was a great leader who just wanted her clan to succeed, get off her back now!

Hi tigerstar and we will start the second holocaust together and let's just be Hitler and turn all my warriors into nazis

Not really...She's just independent. Everyone is calling her a jerk for not liking Firestar ;-;

Guys they are not hating on Leopardstar they are just saying she is a little bit annoying and I agree - Marshmellow

I HATED her when she claimed the whole lake! I mean she was sending patrols on other clans territory's! I hate her thinking she can do that just because Riverclan eat the most fish!

I never thought all that much of Leopardstar but when she claimed the whole lake, let Tigerstar rule her clan and just stood and watched as he ordered Blackfoot to kill Stonefur, I really started hating her. What would Crookedstar think of her now? You would think she would have made some effort to help Stonefur to save Featherpaw and Stormpaw.

She's not really useless... Just annoying.

You know that Leopardstar was hoping Tigerstar would ask her
To be his MATE!

Leopardstar was a totally annoying. She just let Tigerstar rule all of Riverclan, and after she killed Stonefur she's all like, "i'mma sad :'( but like jeez, just don't kill him in the first place!

If scourge had sided with tigerstar and leopardstar in tigerclan, they might had destroyed thunderclan. I'm glad she went with TigerClan..

I can't stand her. Not because she wasn't Firestar's best friend (like some people FALSELY say) but because, heck, she begged and begged for Featherkit and Stormkit from ThunderClan, only to KILL them (or try to) in the FUTURE? She LET Tigerstar and his minions kill Stonefur, her loyal deputy, who far outweighs the decency over Mistystar and Hawkfrost. She sided with a murderer, even though she KNEW he had killed many cats, and when Tigerstar ordered Blackfoot to kill Stonefur, she was all like: "Welp, I guess I gotta choose a new deputy then." Honestly, I could rant on Leopardstar ALL day. ~Rocky

Leopardstar always regreated teeming up with tigerstar, but she was too scared to confront him. and she claimed the lake becaouse riverclan was suffering most and she could think of no other way to help them, and the other clans never even eat fish.

Leopardstar wasn't pointless! If she was, Hawkfrost would rule RiverClan and be 10x more evil and RiverClan would get a bad rating and that's just offensive...wait...I offended myself...never mind. But she was NOT stuck up! She wanted to do what any other (good, caring) leader would have done.