Most Annoying and Useless Warrior Cats of the First and Second Series


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21 Starstarstar

It's the best name ever! jk, who even thought of starstarstar, like, would the warrior name would of been starstarpelt or something?

22 Mosskit Mosskit

Now I'm mad MILLE isn't ON HERE BUT CINDERPELT IS LIKE WHAT? Cinderpelt is so much better than stupid mille like a million milles isn't even worth one cinderpelt cinderpelt is awesome and so is mosskit is the person that made this list retarted?

Mosskit was not annoying she could not even speak HOW was she annoying? - Marshmellow

She is useless though.

She is not annoying Bluestars daughter

23 Honeyshine V 1 Comment
24 Silverstream
25 Goosefeather

He wanted to be helpful to his clan, so he made up omens to help them. though the omens only killed cats, that not the point!

Even though Goosefeather was insane, I actually found it hilarious. He's a good character, have no clue why he's on here.

It was so annoying because we never got to know enough about him! It was so frustrating because he had so many secrets!

He's the guy that makes up conspiracy theories except in cat form

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26 Swiftpaw

Sorry Swiftpaw fans, his death was sad and everything but the only thing that really stood out when he was alive was that he liked to to torment Firestar.

He's kind of like an extra character. His death is sad, but he did torment Fireheart

Swiftpaw died to protect Brightpaw and his clan, also erin hunter said that his warrior name would have been either Swiftwing or Swiftfoot

27 Longtail

Why does everyone like him? Come on he was not sweet, he was a huge bully who wanted Cloudtail to die when he first came to ThunderClan. He was lucky to only get off with a torn ear after fighting Firestar. Graystripe said to Firestar, "You've ruined his good looks! " If I were Firestar I know exactly what I would've said: "What good looks? "

Longtail broke the warrior because of darkstripe, that would have left a scar, and he died while trying to catch prey for mousefur

Man, why is Longtail here? He became a great character during the series! I love him dearly.

I know he's a bully, but does that mean I can't like him? Because I do!

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28 Yellowfang Yellowfang

Why is my amazing, hilarious, hot sauce, queen boo-boo, here? She's literally the best character.

OK, Yellowfang wasn't annoying, She was funny! I don't think anyone would call her annoying, she was Cinderpelt's mentor and gave Cinderpelt a place in ThunderClan. I think she was one of the best characters!


29 Willowshine
30 Jagged Lightning V 1 Comment
31 Rising Moon

She wasn't part of the plot much. There's not that much to hate about her. - RisingMoon

No way why is she on here?!


32 Broken Shadow

Seriously? At least Graystripe got off from his behind and caught some prey, all I saw Broken Shadow doing was crying in a corner in Long Shadows.

She just moans! Ugh! I almost screamed at how annoying she was! Fallen Leaves is not going to kill you if you leave! She just cries all the time.

Shes always moaning and moaping around doing nothing while the others risk their lives for food!

Hello! Lost her son? Graystripe was moping around for a bit after Silverstream's death, but I don't see anyone hating him!

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33 Millie

Millie should be higher on this list

She should be higher but she came in the THIRD series

I hate this cat to death. GO DIE!

She's a bitter bitch.

34 Mousewhisker

Hate him.

Isn't it Minnowtail of RiverClan any ways besides he's not Anoying and hardly useless

He does, NOTHING! He has no kits, no mate, doesn't even like Berrynose, Hazeltail and Daisy and never even met Smoky. All he cares about is Featherpaw of WINDCLAN (read Mousewhisker and Featherpaw)

35 Nightstar

Okay, this is what truly happened. Brokenstar has been driven out of ShadowClan, and they need a new, strong leader. Where can they find one? Well, Erin Hunter drove out about half of the cats of ShadowClan listed in the allegiances, and now the main ShadowClanners are weaklings and elders. Yes, they could bring in the invisible, non allegiance listed cat, but is that who a Warriors reader would want as a leader? No! So they're forced to bring in... and elder. A book later... Silverstream has died, a lot of stuff is going on, and magically Erin Hunter forgot Tigerstar was evil. Tigerstar is exiled, and then they realize what an epic character they have lost. No! We have to bring them back! And the ShadowClan outlaws - the strong ones! But Nightstar was only made leader like, a few books ago. Oh, yeah, he was never granted nine lives by StarClan! Let's kill off a few innocent ShadowClanners, wreck them, make Tigerstar leader, and nobody'll notice! - Shiverfeather

36 Darkstripe

Okay. Who else has noticed how annoying this cat right here is? All he does is nag nag nag! He hates Fireheart/Star And does anything to make him and his kin miserable. Though a great warrior, also as arrogant as Tigerstar!

I like him too he wasn't really evil or annoying.

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37 Clawface
38 Skystar

AHEM. First and second series. Get your facts right

39 Graystripe V 1 Comment
40 Spottedleaf

Such a Mary-Sue. - maria4

Thanks for sending me all these helpful prophecies, Spottedleaf! ~ Firestar

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