Top Ten Most Annoying Vine Trends

Ever hate those annoying trends that everyone keeps repeating over and over again.
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1 Deez Nutz

For a while everybody at school said this and "smoke weed everyday". I got extremely tried of it, mucu before anybody else did.

Apparently, the guy who does this is running for president. Guess what the slogan might be.

Me and my friends used to say this nonstop and now it gives me migraines

Don't get me started. Please.

2 Whats 9+10

So lame. Anytime someone asks me this I say, "19." because that's the right answer.

It stopped being funny after the tenth time.

50. Now shut up and stop asking these stupid questions. (Jk)

3 Whip/Nae, nae

All these damn kids at my school doing this all day! The song probably lowers IQ's and causes cancer.

This song is terrible.

The song is absolutely awful...yet it's so popular.

4 Dab

It's just sneezing and saluting "someone" who is gladly dead. I want to punch everyone who dabs

It's so annoying because all the children in my school all think there cool when they do and it does my head in SO ANNOYING

5 What Are Those

It's so Lame now. Every time some ask me that I say shoes

This one is not that annoying to me as the others are.

The things I have to deal with at school...

How low your IQ is

6 Don't Judge Challenge

Despite the name, this is just an excuse for teenage girls and horny guys to show off like they’re above everyone else, but here’s a newsflash for you. You’re not, and you’re not cute at all.

7 "Run"

I happen to like this trend, I feel embrassed now.

Love this one

8 Damn Daniel Damn Daniel is a 2016 viral video. Daniel Lara and his friend, Joshua Holz, who are students at Riverside Polytechnic High School, reached their Internet fame after their video, an edited collection of Snapchat videos, went viral on social media platforms such as YouTube and facebook.

Number 1! This meme is so bad!

I have a friend who was so disgusted by these vines that he went out bought a new pair of shoes and he burned his white vines that he bought only 2 months before the vine trend happened

9 Fidget Spinners


10 Bottle Flip
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11 Bruh

That's what they'll say in roblox meepcity

12 Just Do It

I like this one

13 John Cena

I mean, this trend have been going for like thousands of years. Every single people, including my annoying classmate, cannot keep saying that, and I just want to smack the heck outta him.

14 Or Nah

I'm glad no one uses it anymore.

15 Lebron James

Why is LeBron on here? Y'all don't UnderStand how funny this SlickKid really is. Flying over MounTains and making MadMudkips happier than PoopyRaces

I can almost hear the voice when I saw this

16 Little Einsteins Remix

Ruined my childhood!

17 MLG

Shrek fans mostly make these.

18 My Name is Jeff
19 The Schmoney Dance

There is an app with over 500 thousand downloads on Google play about this._.

What is this Vine?

20 Yeet

This one is so annoy because a bunch of guys say it when they catch or hit a ball

Its annoying. What does this even mean?

21 Windows XP
22 It's Watermelon'

It was never funny to me.

What is this Vine about?

This is actually the only trend I find funny :) by the way the correct spelling of the trend is It's Watermeloan

23 Tyrone Vines
24 Ha Got Em

So annoying I cannot fathom

25 Surprise motherf**a
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