Top 10 Apps to Boost Your Productivity


The Top Ten

1 Zenkit Zenkit

To-do list, Kanban, Spreadsheet, Mind Map and Calendar can give you a great overview of your tasks. - JessiLu

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2 TimeCamp

Keep your time under control and make sure that your tasks are always finished before the deadline. - olarybacka

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3 Trello

Trello is an unusual tool for project management, as it can be used for dozens of different purposes �" from making a shopping list, to managing a huge project. - olarybacka

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4 Slack Slack Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool co-founded by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov.

Well-developed tool for managing projects and communicating inside your company. - olarybacka

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5 Pocket

Pocket lets you save the articles in its database, so you can come back to them whenever you want. - olarybacka

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6 Wunderlist

Everyone who needs a “to-do” list to help them with everyday work will find Wunderlist very helpful. - olarybacka

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7 SumAll

SumAll will help you track and analyze the users’ activity on your company’s social media profiles, will monitor the traffic on your website, and provide you with the data. - olarybacka

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8 SaneBox

If you are suffering from the ever-clutter inbox, this app may provide some aid. Sanebox operates on algorithms that follow your actions and learn which emails are important and which are not. - olarybacka

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9 ColdTurkey

If you have problems with procrastination, this may be a perfect app for you! Cold Turkey is designed to block distractions, enabling a user to peacefully focus on his/her work. - olarybacka

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10 Track My Life

Track my Life activates once in every 20 minutes (running smoothly in the background) and captures the last location the phone collected. - olarybacka

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Meaning “If This, Then That.” As its name suggests, this software automates tasks and connects all your devices flawlessly. - olarybacka

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