Top Ten Most Astonishing Science Subjects

This is one of the fields of science that I take appeal the most enjoy and remix my list

The Top Ten

1 Physics

Obviously I love quantum mechanics and relativity both special and general theory of relativity and I easily grasp three of the including fields it's very astonishing and fascinating! - Kevinsidis

Not the best in my opinion it's really cool, especially light - darthvadern

2 Psychology

I love it of how the human mind thinks and what type of states is on like alter ego and how it reacts to different environmental factors and their cognitive I'm very glee and quite astonished - Kevinsidis

3 Genetics

This was my before ego now I'm in a state of alter ego I was very fascinated and I found it astonishing about the genetic traits which we possess from our descended ancestors and parents. - Kevinsidis

4 Chemistry

I love it when a chemical is attached to a another one to be unified into one material of matter like oxygen+hydrogen=water - Kevinsidis

Acids and bases are super fun! Chemistry is about as good as Biology in my opinion - darthvadern

I’m in love with chemistry. - Hermione_Granger220

5 Astronomy

I am not fascinated by the stars but the horoscopes and I found out I'm a scorpio - Kevinsidis

6 Mechanics

Mostly I love the binary code instead of the old crappy modern coding ugh! And I found that the binary code is the computer algorithm that makes machines obey commands without conscience.Still it's the same thing on my other damn list thanks a lot admin - Kevinsidis

7 Forensics Science

This quite interests me while I'm watching multiple shows on the justice network. - Kevinsidis

8 Thermodynamics
9 Astrophysics
10 Biology

Biology is the best in my opinion, it's just so good, it's about everything living and I love that! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Nuclear Physics
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