Top Ten Most Beautiful, Underrated Girls Names


The Top Ten

1 Amethyst

I love color names. They're just so pretty. - Merilille

2 Carolyn

I like this name, but it is the name of a mean girl in my class.

3 Marisol
4 Naomi

I love the name Naomi! I might just name my daughter that. - Pegasister12

5 January
6 Amberlin
7 Charisma

This is a lovely name. Might be hard for the individual to live up to though. - Britgirl

8 Nonie
9 Saran
10 Molly

The Newcomers

? Decia

My late Grannie's name. Named after the month December. Only person I ever met with the name and it is lovely

The Contenders

11 Emmaline
12 Hope
13 Ayumi
14 Rain
15 Keturah
16 Vivianne
17 Lissa
18 Flo
19 Winter
20 Blessing
21 July
22 Margot
23 December
24 Mara

I haven't really seen it on any popular names lists and I think it's one of the prettiest names alive. That and many others that are not common. - Anonymousxcxc

25 Miracle
26 Prisca
27 Hazel
28 Setan

This name means so much. It means demon in Malay, and from the sea in (I forgot the language). It can be a boy name as well. It's the name of my sisters baby

29 Raven

Calling my daughter this after my fave to character

30 Katrina
31 Halsey

I don’t mean the singer, I actually love this name.

32 Blossom
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