Light - Death Note


He's one of the only anime villains who's made me really hate him. Some villains like Frieza or Madara I just sort of forgive 'cause they're so awesome. But Light. No matter how awesome he is I still end up resenting him to death. THIS is what makes a villain great. Having an anger so great towards him. Back to the topic though Light is seriously the epitome of evil. He thought what he was doing was right and literally used everyone to make sure he got what he wanted. And then on top of all that... he (spoiler) killed L. No matter how much I hated him up to the point and that just took my hate for him to a whole new level. And that smile... He decided to relish his victory right in L's face as L was dying. He is pure evil. - DarkKnight500

Light really, at the beginning, thought he was doing good. But as time went on his heart became a evil soul caught up in killing criminals. Even though he is one of my favorite anime characters, he helped in killing L. I can never forgive him for that. Light really put justice in his own hands. He is smart and that is how he managed to trick L, but he in the end was defeated by Near. Like what the heck!? Light you out smart my third favorite anime character and then you get defeated by the little brat Near! But all in all Lights heart really became evil and stayed that way til he died. That is why he is one of the most evil anime characters ever.

Saying Light is a villain is a matter perspective since he believed what he was doing was right, and on a certain level, I agree. However, from the perspective that he is a villain, he would definitely be the best one, not just because of his death note, which enabled him to kill easily, but also because of his exceptional and extraordinary intelligence, intuitiveness, ability to predict ANY situation and so many more factors.

this is the 3rd time I m voting for light! hottest guy... best manga character and now.. EVILEST CHARACTER! :D... hot eyes with cool attitude and BRILLIANT ideas.. absolutey the no. 1 villain.. MUAHAHAHAHA! his laugh is evil too

Light Yagami seems more of an anti-hero to me. He had good ideals of ridding the world of evil and making the world more desirable and a better place to live in. The way he went about it was wrong. Evil is not stopped with evil. To me, Light was not destined to be a person that would make bad decisions. I think he could've turned out differently if he hadn't found the death note. He would've probably made a difference to the world in a better way. To prove my point, when he forfeited ownership of the death note and lost his memory of the death note, his personality changed drastically. He was this great person that wanted to bring Kira down and couldn't picture himself being Kira. The power of the death note drove him near insanity. I do like Light, though. To me he is one of those characters that a meant to be bad but you can't help but like and root for them. It also helps that he is the main protagonist of Death Note. Something that makes Light unique to me is how smart he is. He ...more

I spent practically all of Death Note trying to deduce whether Light was the hero or the villain. His mind is just so complex and messed up; its crazy. Light is so consumed by his own twisted sense of justice, it makes him so evil. He's legit split personality and the way he changes in an instant truly mind-bending. And what's more... Even though Death Note is a work of fiction, he is so well-developed and sophisticated that he is real. And what' more villainous than that?.

I am Light Yagami 'WANNA BE'. He is one of the best villians I can ever think of. He is just brilliant! His double faced character is what makes him unique among all the other villians. His gentleness on the outside and cold hearted roughness on the inside is what makes all the audience feel the chill on their bones. He has created some of the best moments IN WHOLE ANIME and WHOLE MEDIA I can ever think of... - Iraj P.

The cool thing about Death Note is that the main character IS the villain. He is psychotic, insane, smart, intimidating and knows what he is doing. He is no joke. He KNOWS what he is doing, unlike the other villains that just lose because of "THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP" or whatever. His plans were well-thought-out and he also belives in himself he knows that he is the best. Although he died, he is still one of the best villains ever in history of animes

Unlike most people, I don't find him to be THAT evil. I think he's more sympathetic. He's a kid with power, everyone would probably do the same thing he did, or at least most people would. - q1q1q1q1q1

He's simply a death god a real shinigammi superior intelligence and he was not defeated by near as they say no he was defeated by his ego as he became a narcissistic to believe that power all is his he fooled everyone around him for years and used anybody for his favor and got rid of any person who may hinder his master plan

A stupendous and unexpected character to play the part of the villain. He is brilliant, deceiving, and you simply can't take your eyes of him! - SuJu4ever

He is the smartest of his class. He goes by theory's and is a womanizer. Also whoever that tries to kill off people to become god is a person who is evil.

Now he's what you call a perfect example of an evil genius!

Pure Evil. Kills at wills. Shrouds it as a good thing. Highly manipulative, genius teenager with "God" ambition. Side by Side comparing with L, he is just a replica in black. the exact opposite of good. Using his wits to kill more and more people. Light yagami, the only positive thing about your character is the name "Light" even though you are pure "darkness"

As much as I hate him for being a mass-murderer, he made the series really interesting. He's smart, hot, evil, manipulative and has a god complex. He's just plain awesome.

Indeed, one of the most evil anime without super human ability, also he is the best person to use the death note, he is one of my top 5 evil of all the animes I have watch.

Great anime! I loved all of the characters (L was my favorite) and Light was really normal and smart in the beginning. He turned really crazy in the end but since he was blended in the crowd he was a very scary villain. He also uses people and trick them. He is clever and quite freighting if he was real.

A villain, who is the hero as well. You hate him so bad that you can't resist him

Probably the most handsome and smartest villain you will ever see

Villain is the right name for him. Not hero.

Definitely one of the best villains. Should have been Light and Johan in the top two.

He's the best anime character of all time in my opinion, he's beautiful and awesome - nao

I'll Take Just 2 Words to Assert This Freak... 'Wannabe' Loser!
I Hate This Guys Guts. He's Like the Disciple of Evil. How Many Times He Uttered Those Words, "I'm a God"? It Really Pissed Me Silly.

I did not think people would hate him that much

Well..He is a protagonist turned antagonist. Whatever his reasons are..he is really evil..