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81 Kurozetsu - Naruto Shippuden
82 Alois Trancy - Black Butler Alois Trancy - Black Butler

I wouldn't really call him a villian, but he's the best!


83 Arlong - One Piece Arlong - One Piece Saw-Tooth Arlong is a sawshark fishman. He was the pirate captain of the all fishman crew, the Arlong Pirates and a former member of the Sun Pirates. He is known for being the main villain in the Arlong Arc and had the highest bounty in East Blue before being defeated by Monkey D. Luffy. Like many other more.

He makes a pretty good villain. He and Caesar Clown are my favorite villains in one piece. How can anyone not like Arlong? And being part fish, he's very strong and has a great advantage underwater.

Captain "Sawtooth" Arlong was the captain of the fishman pirates. He was a rat and a cheat but still an excellent villain. Luffy was the only one strong enough to defeat him. He deserves a spot in the top ten. I also like how his jaws grow back every time the'ye shattered or removed, each time more stronger. He's a badass!

84 Raditz - Dragon Ball Z Raditz - Dragon Ball Z

I LOVE Raditz! He may be evil, but he still ROCKS! I would have loved to have seen more of him. I'm crazy about this guy! If he was real, I would marry him, without any second thoughts. Don't worry, Raditz, I love you, even if no one else does.

85 Brago - Zatch Bell
86 Meruem - Hunter x Hunter Meruem - Hunter x Hunter

He is practically the strongest character in all of anime. He is first introduced smashing his own mothers organs. Not only is he a ruthless antagonist but he is the almighty ruler of the chimera ants, who might I add originated from the dark continent, one of the most feared location in all of anime.It is also implied by the end of the Chimera Ant Arc that if not for the poison nobody, not even anyone on this list could defeat the great and holy king Meruem.

Great character development, strong, smart and *SPOILER* his death was the saddest I've seen in an anime. In those last moments, no matter how much you hate him, you WILL cry.

His development was 10 out of 10.

Greatest villain ever and by far the strongest character in hxh. He is truly a legendary king

87 Ryuga - Beyblade


He wants all the powers for himself

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88 Griffith (Berserk) Griffith (Berserk)

Gotta be one of the highest on the list for the worst wrongs done to the protagonist, how is he so low? This guy is pretty much one of the nastiest pieces of work out of all of them. Won't list what he did for spoilers, but for those in the know, all I have to say is that even villains have standards low as they are, and this guy crossed the line on a beyond ridiculous scale. I seriously don't think there is any other villain on this list who committed a more heinously evil offense than Griffoth did against their respective story protagonists (not counting all the other guys, they got off nice and light compared to Guts and Casca. It's pretty bad when death by mutilation, ripped apart and eaten by demons can be considered getting off lightly, but I think anyone who has seen the series would agree).

Griffith has to be one of the most sinister anime/manga villains of all time. What he did is something that people can never ever recover from. I feel the only reason Griffith is so low on this list is because Berserk is, despite its notoriety, a fairly unpopular series. If more people read it, I'm sure they'd see the horrors of what Griffith has done and he'd skyrocket. (I wish he'd actually be strapped to a rocket and shot off)

What a deep sense of despair and agony this series has because of Griffith. How- after all those years of fighting side by side and trusting each other faithfully- can you betray your brothers and comrades like that? Even after they risked their lives to save the lowlife, Griffith still betrays them like that? They should have left him in that torture cell to rot where he belongs.
He is and will always be my number 1 lowlife in any anime series.

One of the most original and best Villain in history of Manga...SERIOUSLY!

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89 Nui Harime - Kill La Kill Nui Harime - Kill La Kill

She is the living definition of cold and heartless. She kills people with a smile on her face.

90 Acnologia - Fairy Tail

After chapter 470 he should definitely rise in this top. He just officially joined badass league where Aizen and Madara is.

He is the most powerful character in fairy tail, so powerful that he can destroy an island with using barely any of his power and is responsible for single handedly destroying an entire nation.

Acnologia has the ability to destroy a planet with his warm up strike

To me acnologia>>>>>>>zeref - Badassblackman

91 Kirei Kotomine - Fate/Stay Night Kirei Kotomine - Fate/Stay Night Kirei Kotomine is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by Type-Moon. He is the main antagonist of Fate/Zero and the general main antagonist of Fate/stay night. In Fate/stay night, he plays an important role in the unfolding events in all three routes, more.

You don't get a badass Black Key-wielding martial arts expert priest anywhere else. And who is that badass Black Key-wielding martial arts expert priest? Why, it's none other than the overseer of the Fifth Holy Grail War, Kirei Kotomine. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

92 Maleficent - Kingdom of Hearts Maleficent - Kingdom of Hearts

Maleficent Is So Evil And Vicious That He Had All Things Planned Against SOra and His Friends. When You Play A Kingdom Hearts Maybe Except Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, You'll Know She Is So Vicious! Especially When She Transform Into A Dragon In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

That's not an anime...

93 Satan - Blue Exorcist

I know Satan is usually portrayed as an insane power-hungry maniac in other international media, but Blue Exorcist happens to do something more differently. With a compelling backstory of how he met Rin's mother and how the Blue Night was actually his attempt to try to free his wife from execution was pretty moving.

Lol this is Satan..there isn't much else to say. he's highly top 10 material

94 Yoshikage Kira - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

He got a boner from the Mona Lisa - izayaorihara

What a beautiful Duwang

Damn these normies fapping to aizen and madara, Yoshikage kira is what you call a real villain

Don't mind these normies or weebs just roll

95 Gendo Ikari - Neon Genesis: Evangelion Gendo Ikari - Neon Genesis: Evangelion Gendo Ikari is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He is the commander of NERV.

More complicated than any character on this list! The guy is a master manipulator who wants to become god for his own selfish reasons. He is cold and calculating but you can't help but understand his motives. A character like man in this series is more than he appears to be, more complex and realistic than any character in fiction.

He is interesting charterers and one of my favorite characters in the series

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96 Takasugi Shinsuke - Gintama

"I'm fine with being a beast, I neither want nor need anything to protect. I just want to destroy everything, until the beast stops whining."
One of the best quote ever.. he's pure evil..

Wants to destroy the whole world and see it burn through his own eyes and even betray his former comrades by siding with the enemy

Appears only every 100 episodes yet still manages to leave a huge impact on the viewer. His psychopathic smile and calm nature makes him the perfect villain. A villain should never be defined on their strength but the effect they leave on the viewer/reader. This is why he will be my greatest Anime Antagonist of all time alongside Kamui (Also Gintama).

First comes off as a psychotic terrorist without any reason. He's always in the background during the serious arcs, pulling the strings to achieve his goals.
He somehow goes from being this senseless murderer to being one of the most well crafted characters in any anime. After seeing what happened to him and Gintoki his words during his first appearance just hits you so much harder.
"To get my friends enemies... To give them some of their own medicine. It echoes in my ears all the time: kill kill. Can't you hear it Gintoki? No. You couldn't possibly hear it."

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97 Tyki Mikk - D Gray Man

I am surprised no one has even talked about this guy in the list yet, a great portrait of a bipolar character who has a human side with people he cares about, but also a sadistic, monstruous side known as "the pleasure of Earl" inside him, as he murders every opponent he meets with gruesome butterflies known as "tease" to eat their insides and create more "teases" for him to use. He has killed several characters through the story as well as torture the main protagonist.

He just blows me away. If you watch the show, you just love and hate him at the same time. Why isn't he higher, other than nobody scrolls far enough to vote on him

Amazing villain, first person in D. greyman to beat Allen into a depression.

This chatacter was so important to the show. He is very inderated, I believe more people should vote for him to be higher up

98 Nagi Dai Artai - My-Otome

Anyone who saw My-HiME at all should have known that Nagi was going to be the villain for My-Otome. The main reason he is here is thatnot only did he foul the audience into thinking he was a good guy, but everyone also thought that Midori and the Aswad were the bad guys. Also, it's revealed that he has no problem with killing his own men to help him with his plan. And if all he does isn't enough, just is voice is enough to make you ask yourself whether or not to take this guy seriously. These are only a handful of reasons why Nagi Dai Artai is, in my opinion, one of the greatest villains in anime history. - MottScurry

This is one of the smartest villains I know. This guy has about ten back-up plans at his disposal. "The school was taken back? Ok, just shoot and blow up the school. Woops, the Valkyrie unit was destroyed? Well, let's destroy the city. What, The enemies are already comming? Ok, send out the slaves. Darnet, The slaves are all destroyed? Ok, let's use the Harmonium and destroy the city. , The Harmonium is going out of control? Ok, let's just all die together. Oops, Everyone's still alive? Time to run." Not many villains are that smart enough to think that far ahead. - MottScurry

99 Cain Knightlord - Trinity Blood
100 Shogo Makishima - Psycho-Pass

Shogo Makishima is the perfect antagonist, a sadistic man of unparalleled genius who sees life as a mere game. Even though his mind is his greatest weapon, he can still fight better than anybody in that universe, and traps the hero in an unwinnable game of his own. Even when presented with a chance to essentially become God he declines, continuing the game of life as a player rather than a referee. His twisted mentality allows for one of the greatest anime plots ever to unfold.

Shogo Makishima is without doubt one of the greatest anime villains of all time. He is everything a well-made villain should be: intelligent and good at strategy, stronger than most men, enjoys to kill and likes to quote famous plays and books. He is also an exeptional man whose mental state can't be judged by the sybil system (from the series).

He is cruel but very intelligent, good fighter, strategic... The references he gives from different famous books - awesome! His mind is stronger than all in the series... In total, he deserves better position than 73

How is he not in the top ten? He's a brilliant villain. This anime needs more love.

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