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21 Episode 366 - Changing History, Unchanging Heart

Should be number one

22 Episode 5: Beat the Invisible Enemy

Best and most funny ep
with Chad hitting blindly hitting the hollow
Chad launching Rukia hey new girl if u ask me I think there's some problem with this plan, don't worry combining your brute strength with my Intelligence is the best chance here, u must be smart cause this seems really stupid to me, let me do the thinking for the both of us funny scenes

23 Episode 366 - Ichigo Says His Goodbyes

I thought that episode 366 was a fantastic episode, not just because you get to see Ichigo's new Bankai, but the way that the last few moments of the episode came to a close. I loved it, and it made me sad to see it end.

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24 Episode 313: The Man Who Risks His Life in the 11th Division

One of my Favorite filler episodes

25 Episode 304

On bleach episode 304 its like a Halloween special

26 Episode 252 - Byakuya, the Truth Behind His Betrayal

Epic! Watch the episode and 253 also.

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27 Episode 228 - Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!

Actually, I did research and this episode is canon, a side project in one of the manga. Sorry, but it is canon.

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