Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Maps


The Top Ten

1 Nuketown 2025

Nuketown should be number 1 not turbine

It's the same thing from the first black ops but the visuals look more epic

Pretty obvious. You can easily get kills in this map. - sryanbruen

Hands down the best rushing map in Call of Duty

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2 Hijacked

Best map by far I don't understand why all these bad maps are beating it in my opinion it's up with nuketown

Definitely the best map but why has Yemen outvoted it? Yemen is the worst map!

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3 Carrier

Amazing for sniping outside/across the ship either sideways or all the way across. And shotgunners/sub machine gunners/ assault riflers can go fine by navigating their way through buildings or the side of the ship. definitely up there with my favorite Call of Duty maps ever, along with Terminal, Summit, Firing Range, and Dome

4 Yemen
5 Express
6 Raid
7 Turbine
8 Aftermath
9 Standoff
10 Cargo

The Contenders

11 Drone
12 Plaza
13 Studio
14 Overflow
15 Meltdown
16 Promenade
17 Origins

The bast zombie map ever in the world

Why is origins in twice

18 Downhill
19 Origins
20 Magma
21 Encore
22 Rush
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