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Thunder Gun

I think that no one really gets how good this thing is on BO3 I got this and I lasted till round 80 then I got bored I would have gotten farther if I kept using it

Unupgraded, best, upgraded, bester. This gun literaly sends the zombies flying away which is great when your surrounded. And it comes quite easily so whats not to love.

How to save a life! Easy, get thundergun...

Although it has unlimited damage it has very crappy range. That is why I don't like it has much as other Wonder weapons


Has so much ammo it is ridiculous, Basically becomes a laser with its fire rate it is so fast. It can slay zombies on any round no problem

Simply the greatest gun in the history of call of duty. It speaks for itself.

This is the best weapon excluding wonder weapons

Amazing range, fire rate and damage, how can you go wrong?


The galil is a miracle worker when it comes to head shots and for zombie train control it just mows 'em down. Works well past wave 40-50 depends on your skill and weapon taste.

This thing has a lot of ammo and it's very powerful for being a non-wonder weapon. This is something your never unhappy about getting

Good but not number 3 though really who would put this at number three guns man there is some WAY better guns even the an 94 is better so I wouldn't say this high up on the list.

The same stats as the AN-94 except the AN-94 is on the wall, so how is this 3 but not the AN-94?


I love to PaP this gun, then train with it on higher rounds then, bzzzt all of the zombies get electrocuted and fall to the ground. Simply beautiful... We all let out a little cry when we get this in the box.

I mean, believe me... I love the Wunderwaffe, It has always been my favorite Call of Duty/Nazi zombies weapon in all of zombies history... but do you really think the wunderwaffe is the Second best gun? I'm not sure about that guys.

The wunderwaffe is a really good electric shooting gun that can out multiple zombies at a time. In call of the dead you can get it by doing the easter egg, but in Der Riese and Shinonuma it's an out of the box weapon.

This, the thunder gun and the paralyser have to be in the top 3


Blundergat is the best gun in bo4 especially when upgraded to the magmagat it is like a monkey bomb got to round 100 with this only died because I was bored

Best gun. Ammo, damage, fire rate, and reload time its got it all.

Best gun packed in zombies ever with speed cola and double tap root beer!

Great when upgraded to vitriolic withering you should never die unless u run out of ammo fast. This is one of the top 15 wonder weapons at least.


It's the commando come on

Close to the galil

This should be much much higher very powerful and high fire rate and very low recoil in black opps 1 & 2 so good

It's amazing.

Ray Gun Mark II

This gun is beast no splash damage and powerful

Good I think the ray gun is better but not a bad gun no splash damage but runs out of ammo pretty fast.

It would be #2 if it had more ammo, but great gun

I think this gun is the best because it kills a Witch in a burst

Wave Gun

Wait wot I forgot about this gun lol its actually great but super hard to get

Thunder gun is number one but this does everything thundergun does plus even more

It is the best

Why is this not higher on this list
It is like a thunder gun and a ray gun combined into 1 weapon
PaP version just adds ammo but the ammo on later rounds is very helpful


Best assault rifle in Call of Duty zombies history. Great damage better than the galil and Commando and 650 ammo upgraded this gun is a badass gun. A shame it is only in die rise and buried. This gun feels so smooth and I always get this either on buried or die rise any day of the week over the galil and even the LSAT because it basically has the same ammo (just 50 less) lighter and five times faster reload, this gun need to be recognized

The best non wonder weapon gun in the history of zombies. Upgraded with double tap 2.0 and headshot perma perk, it is a one shot to the head till round 25! What other full auto or even sniper rifle can do this?

Wall buy with 650 rounds!

Reliable on Die Rise and Buried.

Should be higher in the list!

STG-44 (Origins)

Better than mp 40

The Contenders

Ray Gun

I do like this gun but the splash damage I don't like

If you have a Ray Gun you shouldn't have to worry about splash because the zombies shouldn't have a chance to get that close!

You all suck this weapons is boss stop hating

When I get this gun in the box, I EMP the box. Would rather have teddy bear. This gun is crap

It's a great weapon but it's overrated


Amazing just perfect fire rate with really good damage
Just a beast overall

П it's so op I'm bo1 y'all lil doges it's batter than ray gun mate one lol


I don't know what game your playing or what world your in but the galil should be number 1 or number 2 the rpk hell no it is not better than the galil

What this thing is better than the galil idiots

Good but not in top 10 gotta be lower because in my opinion almost all the wonder weapons are better than normal guns except for jet gun and winters howl and vr 11 they don't even compare to any weapon but RPK is probs one of the greatest normal bullet weapons ever.


Should be higher not number 1 but at least higher than number 1 this thing can kill a whole train man this is great but its not a great panic weapon though because it kills kinda slowly.

Best wonder weapon ever even better than thundergun because of ammo is like 4x man wunderwaffe sucks takes away your jug

A must have on die rise. Always a one-hit kill and super epic with a lot of zombies in a train

Staff of Ice

This is the best staff in the game it is more powerful then the wind and lightning and it can't crash your game like the fire staff.

This is the best high round gun in the game

Best staff in zombies

You can literally sit inside its charged shot and all the zombies die around you.. why is this not top 5?

Staff of Fire

Great weapon not the best staff though in my opinion its lightning but I say it should be in top 10. fire staff is good I would recommend it if people take the lightning.

All you need to say is BURN BABY BURN

That staff on fire

Great for training and good ammo would be higher but it's not a box gun.


Line em up and put em down with the drakon, ELO and pack a punch along with double tap, then you are set for rounds beyond 30.

The SVU's close cousin.

In my opinion the best sniper in zombies because of high damage one hit kill for a WHILE and semi auto unlike locus and svg.

Yes personit is best


This gun is a very great gun that was based in the war, because that gun is a powerful, fast paced gun ever for an LMG. Personally this gun has good recoil and handling in origins.

Nice but lol in case u guys didn't know this has same specs as lsat except for the reload so I would expect the lsat near here.


Good as hell get infinite ammo and if used in bursts this never has to cool down so this should be higher like in top 7 or so.

Should be much higher

Outta this world

There is no way that you can die with this gun. OPOPOPOP


Best gun in Call of Duty zombies history, why is it 35th?


Apothicon Servant

Why is this not number 1?!

It’s very hard to die with this gun

Staff of Lightning

This is amazing great panic weapon fastest fire rate and kills lots of zombies.

Best staff by far

I would say this is at LEAST in top 10.

Better than fire staff


Honestly The M16 is really good, but when it is Pack-A-Punched, even with grenades, it seems to get worse. Great wall weapon in tranzit as you can camp and train by that wall weapon

Haymaker 12

Kind of like it I mean it mows down hordes but after that you have no ammo

The AA 12 of Black Ops III Zombies, respectively.

Good but runs out of ammo too fast I don't know how people don't notice that fact. I think that the 205 brecci PACK A PUCNHED is better hence the pack a punch part because it doesn't waste ammo NEARLY as fast and has higher damage so 205 is better than haymaker.


Why is this so low? I love pistols cause you can use them when down I at least have to have 1 pistol in my 2 or 3 guns I have. You can't protect who is reviving you with the starting pistol and 1/2 on most rounds. I love it when paped cobra is beast

This should be much higher

This gun is a beast can get you to round 50 paped great one shot and great paped

It's funny
My favorite wonder weapon (wave gun) and the python (my favorite gun) are next to eachother
Moblie, powerful, and just an amazing gun

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