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1 Spike Spiegel Spike Spiegel

Of all the protagonist of all the animes I've watched, he is the best... No unimaginable super powers or super weapons, just a mere human yet has more than just humanity... He's cool, awesome, understanding, outstanding and what not and what yes... I'm running out of adjectives for this character... More than just a character for me... Awesome character building! Hats off to the maker! And bow-downs to the animators for making an anime that will stay with you forever... - abhishah901

A cool, mysterious, laidback anti-hero who made this series ten times better than it already was. He's a great fighter and although he can kick some ass, he also shows us that he's still only human (when he gets beat up pretty badly). I think everyone can agree that even after the series ended, we all wanted to explore his chsracter even more so that we can understanf him better. Spike is just simply a mysterious and cool, yet phenomenal character.

He had the best death scene

The official anime badass

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2 Edward

The cutest character in the history of cute characters

Her eccentricity brings this anime to a whole new level.

You won't find a character like this in any other anime.

Best character and what a comic relief she is!

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3 Faye Valentine Faye Valentine
4 Jet Black

The under dog who keeps the team together. Jet is around 15% bionic, but is more human than the rest of the crew.

Spike is awesome and everyone knows it, but Jet is ultra badass too!

I always loved him. Real man - Borsa

Spike is more badass.. but Jet is my favorite, his charisma, sarcasm, feelings making him very human.. I don't know exactly why I like him but I do. - TiffanyHwang

5 Ein Ein
6 Vicious
7 Julia
8 Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener
9 Laughing Bull
10 Lin

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11 Pierrot le Fou

"A villain who though hated can be pitied for a tragic life."

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