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21 Kenya

Brother in your Dreams... No one can beat England

Terrible just terrible only good at running long distances

Great team and best team in Africa

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22 Hong Kong

Hong Kong team is a better team just to do more practice and they will be one of the better side in the world all the best Hong Kong

Ok Anshuman Rath will score 277346237 runs in 0 balls and Aizaz Khan will take 27237171 wickets for 0 Runs against Australia - Adron

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23 Switzerland

I think Tennis Player Roger Federer will play in this team - Adron

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24 Spain

No way good at cricket but will b a top team at soccer

So bad cricket team they don't even know it

Spain is the best team it has its move on football and it will soon have it on cricket

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25 Portugal

Portugal should invest in cricket like they invest in make the movie ( the return back home with 2 ice creams and some dope

I hate Portugal's and there batsmen

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26 Uganda

They will even lose to Antarctica Cricket Team

It's a dream that that they will be the latest team in the icc odi cricket world cup 2015

It's a dream team... Will win 2015 world cup

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27 Slovenia

Slovenia is better than Australia - Adron

28 Egypt

They are the best country at cricket

Yeah probably Tutankhamen and Akhenatan and Nefertiti will play in their team

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29 Thailand V 3 Comments
30 Burma

They will win 2015 world cup for sure

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31 Kuwait V 2 Comments
32 Turkey

They have very talented players and probably will be one of the best in few years

Not a good team at all. They don't even know about cricket

But the Best Comeback Team in the football history

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33 Oman V 2 Comments
34 Papua New Guinea V 2 Comments
35 Bulgaria
36 Singapore

Good team but mostly indian players

37 Japan

This team is just so bad just should go to eat sushi rather than play cricket

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38 Norway

I think Norway is a good begginer team and Norway should have to play more matches and more practising for their bright future.

39 Belgium

They're awesome at soccer (football) but I think they should have a go at cricket.

40 Argentina

They're excellent at football (soccer) and I think they would smash the boundaries!

Lionel Messi must be the Argentina team captain because he has 93 pacs

Lionel Messi and Geronimo Rulli will smash six sixes against Ronaldo and Cedric Soares

You should say Argentina is the second and netherlan are 1 but by Argentinas luck Argentina won at soccer

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