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1 Allen Walker Allen Walker Allen Walker is the fictional protagonist of the manga series D.Gray-man, which was created by Japanese artist and writer Katsura Hoshino.

Damn it.. This man totally win all over my previous favorite characters. Not only has he LOOKS but is TOTAL BADASS Exorcist.. I want his hand...

WHY WHHHYYY do you have to be so great

Allen should be number 1 not only because of his AWESOME LOOKS but his past, attitude and stuff

He is the best
And is the fourteenth

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2 Yu Kanda Yu Kanda Yu Kanda is a character from D.Gray-man, a manga series created by Japanese artist and writer Katsura Hoshino.

I generally like people who doesn't let other people pull them by the leash. And Kanda fits the category very well. Moreover, his mean comments are hilarious

Kanda is awesome he's good looking but... He has a bad past... Come on give Kanda a hug / a vote

Kanda is the most interesting character in D.Gray-Man. His past, personality; everything is so in depth.

Wah! Kanda is so hot and mysterious and cold and lovable and Great. :))))

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3 Lavi

Lavi is by far the most interesting person. You never know whats going to happen next with him! Will he fulfill his duty's as a bookman or will stay as an exorcist?

He is so funny! I love the funny dorky smart characters - Penpineappleapplepen

I LOVE YOU LAVI SO SI MUCH! He is so sweet, loving, strong and caring. He is everything a guy should be!

He's the HAWT pack

4 Lenalee Lee Lenalee Lee

Deserved 2nd spot!

5 The Millennium Earl
6 Tyki Mikk

I really like how he thinks and chooses to live. He is really charming and interesting

He is so powerful and charming.

Dude, Tyki is far better than Road! Yes, I said it. He deservs the first place :***

7 Road Kamelot

Very cool personality, design, and interactions with Allen.

Road that girl...

8 Komui Lee

One of favorite siscom freak

9 Miranda Lotto
10 Fo

The Contenders

11 Arystar Krory III

Personally my favourite character, vampire teeth innocence is the coolest idea ever!

12 Salman Khan Salman Khan Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, credited as Salman Khan, is an Indian film actor, producer, singer and television personality.
13 Jasdero
14 Wisely
15 Mimi
16 General Cross Marian

His guy is cool intelligent and strong with the capability of being a general

17 Neah D.Campbell

Neah is the best character there

Well Neah is damn hot and sexy!

18 Devit
19 Lulu Bell
20 Sheril Kamelot
21 Suman
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