Best Highschool of the Dead Characters

The Top Ten

1 Saeko Busujima

Saeko Cause she's really badass with her Katana and she's hot too

Yeah she's the best character no doubt about it there's nothing to it she's just the best

She is epic

2 Takashi Komuro

Bruh. MAIN!

3 Rei Miyamoto

Does it not concern you that Tank Dempsey has a higher IQ than you?

My waifu for laifu!

4 Saya Takagi Saya Takagi is a Japanese actress most famous for playing the role of Kashiwagi Reiko in the Japanese drama "Okane ga Nai!".

I love Takagi and her smarta** attitude. She's my anime crush!

5 Kohta Hirano

Fat guy in love with a girl who kicks him and he uses a nail gun as a weapon

6 Koichi Shido

The only character I rooted for during the entire anime... Yeah, the anime is really bad! - SelfDestruct

7 Shizuka Marikawa
8 Asami Nakaoka
9 Arisu Maresato
10 Soichiro Takagi

The Contenders

11 Alice Maresato
12 Zeke
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