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I love the relationship, a love hate relationship. It shows what a real relationship would be like. Honestly I would love a relationship like Peddie's. The jealousy tat is slowly creeping through in season 3 just shows what a cute couple they are and how much they are supposed to be together. Please don't say I'm the only one who has realized by Peddie are the only couple who have stuck by one another and haven't broke up. I love the nicknames they have for one another 'Yacker,Weasel,Slimball' Patricia and Eddie had a chase you never knew if they was going to get together. I also thought that the first time they got together was adorable and how they get back together in season 3 is adorable. I love how in season 3 Eddie tells Patricia to stay outside so she's safe, and no matter what happens Eddie always believes Patricia. The fact Patricia hates dancing with anyone but when it comes to Eddie their is always a exception. The fact that Patricia decides to make Eddie jealous by going ...more

Peddie is a relationship I'd wish to have. Of course, Fabina is perfect, but is perfect what we really want? I think that Peddie is the best because despite its hatered for each other they became friends and more. Moreover, Patricia wants to be a better girl for Eddie and Eddie wants to be better for Patricia. It's a love-hate relationship, so it sometimes is quite funny and adorable. They call each other nicknames and prank each other. They are an original couple and I can imagine them being married in the future and Eddie calling Patricia Yacker after 20 years of being together.

Peddie is by far the best relationship on HOA, They fight and everything, but it isn't really mean fighting, it is cute fighting. Also I love how they have nicknames for each other, Yacker and Weasel. There are just so many cute moments between these too. I love when they are in the tunnels in S2 and Eddie says all that cute stuff to Patricia, "I think I'm falling for you Yacker"
Also they are the only two students in Anubis who have only kissed each other (Except from the Piper thing, but Eddie thought that was Patricia so...)
Love them too pieces, I want a relationship like Peddie!

Peddie was made in heaven. Patricia and Eddie act like they hate each other but it is true love. Fabina is great but there's something about Peddie that is just... I don't know... Better than Fabina. Patricia and Eddie have great moments like carrot fights. Peddie should be number one and Fabina close at second.


Fabina is such a great couple because they are so understanding of each other. Their relationship is based around trust and loyalty, the perfect relationship! I think it's cute that they don't know if they are in a full on relationship or not, and Fabian's heart break when Nina doesn't return shows just how much they care for each other. The best relationship of all!

Fabina is such and inspiring couple. They can feel when the other is upset and always know the way to put a smile on the other's face. They are so loyal to each other and they always know that they can trust each other. Together anything is possible. The other couples are good such as Amfie and Peddie but Fabina is and will always will be the best friendship and relationship ever!

Fabina is the best couple ever! They work together and always seem to get along they are the perfect match and they will probably get married in the future. Their made in heaven! The chosen one gets what she wants so she wants Fabian! Lol. Peddie is pretty good but this one is the best!

When I first watches this show and Nina came I knew that Nina and Fabian were going to be together. Fabian of course had a crush on Nina and Nina realized she had a crush on Fabian. They're one of my favorite couples but I love Peddie just a little bit more!


I think Jara would be a good couple because Jerome really likes Mara and Mara cares about him and his family life. Also they kissed twice during their pretend date. Also in the season 2 finale Jerome asks Mara out on a date and they kiss making Mick jealous.

Wow, I wish I was Mara! She has the dream boyfriend. I mean I like Fabina but they are just predictable. Jara, anything could happen

Jerome and Mara are just adorable. They are such opposites, so they fit together so well!

I think one of the best couples where JARA no doubt they were so cute, and Jerome really like Mara and she brings out the best in him! There so cute! Them forever! I would love to se them together for another season or more seasons! #JARA♡ ❤💙


I've always shipped Jeroy even before they became a couple. They're just so right for each other, because they kind of hated each other but they didn't know how perfect they were for each other. And their kiss was so...unreal. And I just know that they're going to be together for a long time, because Jerome, I think, truly loves her, vica versa.

This couple is just the best. The thing I like about them is, they were unexpected, and I didn't think I would like them together, but they really are perfect for one another. I never liked Jara, so I'm glad that they split up so this couple started.

Jeroy is just amazing. They really were made for each other. I didn't expect it, but it is absolutely the best. It should be number one. I hated jara, mickra was much better, and Jerome and joy are just perfect together.

Jeroy is so cute. I ship them so much. They are perfect for each other, like they are both sneaky and clever. I used to ship jamber, but I really prefer jeroy now.


I love Amfie mainly because their opposites, so they balance each other out. I love opposite couples! I don't know why

I like this couple more than Willow and Alfie. My only favorite moment with Walfie is when Willow went into Alfie's arm

Yes. Yes is the first thing I can say. That's all I have to say.


I love this power couple (to squeal or not to squeal SQUEAL)

There so adorable together

I love Walfie! A lot! It's Willow+Alfie! = WALFIE!


Victore and carline like each other because they both evil.


Not a good choice willow is to weird

She may be weird but this is one of my favorites couples because he was the first person in the house to actually like her
,joy followed after,but there cute together

But she is Weird


These two aren't really a couple, I've always seen them as a brother and sister duo. They trust each other with secrets, they often go to each other first with problems, and they do look alike. So, not so much couple material. More like a cool brother and sister duo.

I've always seen them as a brother sister relationship

I also see them as brother and sister. They remind me of Alex and Justin from WOWP

10 M&M

Mick and Mara are the best together with Peddie & Fabina

Mara and mick? If so, should be higher!

Don't know which couples?

I think its mara and mick

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Trudor? Pretty cool. I think vera and victor should be together because there both evil but at the end he hated vera so. I guess they could give it a try even though they had only a not even small date in vidtors office


Keddie is wonderful peddie was great in season 2 but this is season 3 and peddie is old school. I LOVE KEDDIE

Keddie is amazing! Although I loved Peddie, Keddie were best friends but I think KT likes Eddie and secretly deep down Eddie likes KT

Um, Peddie is way better. I don't like kt

I think they would be a horrible couple Eddie and KT because Eddie loves Patricia and Patricia loves Eddie deep inside

13 Patrome

I think they are really cute together and they technically have the same personality

They should be a couple. I had fingers crossed for this one to get together.

I see them mostly as friends and maybe even as brother and sister.

Jerome is male version of Patricia, and Patricia is female version of Jerome. They remind me of Kol and Rebekah from Tvd


Fabian + Mick = <3 my favorite couple by FAR


Victor and Corbierre, lol


I think they are perfect for eachother. There the perfect match. The osirian the protecter of nina and her the chosen one. Nina gave eddie the necklace with the eye on it. That's a sign of true love. If she loved Fabian she would have gave it to him! Boo yah! There perfect and nina sometimes laughs at eddie. when eddie first came nina was constantly staring at eddie + there both American! They can definitely date and get married!

Nina is the first to show Eddie some kindness due to the fact that almost nobody was kind to her on her first day.
Eddie says that Nina's American accent was the best thing he had heard since he arrived.
and Eddie put his hand on Nina's chair while they looked at each other, making Fabian jealous

Hmm I actually never thought of this couple... But they would be perfect for eachother! Eddie is perfect and sweet and funny and an American and he is definitely the protector of Nina they would be sooo cute!

That's a.terrible couple Nina loves Fabian also Eddie loves Patricia so much he calls her yacker.


I was thinking that if Jabian happened, then Jeroy wouldn't have happened.

Personally I don't like Jabian

Ya, I don't like this one either. Go Fabina!

19 MOY

Trudy and jasper is the best. there made together, after a episode I watched I went straigfht on my lap top to tipe this because its perfect. Trudy doesn't have a lot of boys to attract but I got this feeling that they should definitely go out

21 Meddie

I think Mara and Eddie are a good couple even though they sometimes don't hang out with each other. They spent a time together while going ghost hunting witch made Patricia really mad and jealous.

22 Marian

Mara and Fabian, you may not like it but that's what really happens in the end. At the end of Touchstone of Ra they share their first kiss in front of KT. Of course I prefer Fabina but Nina told them both to move on and she doesn't know that the osirian is dead therefore it is now safe for her to come back to fabian, but he won't be there. They have now all graduated and are moving on in life. P.S and Victor left.

I still vote for Fabina, Fabian and Nina forever!


Dexter and Sophia are the next Fabian and Nina

24 Jamber
25 Altricia

Alfie and Patricia were practically made for each other

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