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61 Vishal

He is tall black & handsome. he is also a good actor.

62 Jai
63 Kalki Koechlin

The most underrated female actor in India. For people who genuinely appreciate true art, be mesmerized by her performance in Dev D.

64 Ranveer Singh V 3 Comments
65 Sunny Leone Sunny Leone Karenjit Kaur Vohra, better known by her stage name 'Sunny Leone', is a Canadian Bollywood actress and model, and former pornstar. She was born on May 13th, 1981 in Sarnia Ontario, Canada.

I love you if you will come to my bedroom I will do sex with you like any thing. Your brest is like a football. my penis stand when I hurt your name only


66 Helen
67 Uttam Kumar

He is one of the most versatile and handsome actors of all time, any where in the world.

He is the best actor in Indian Cinema.

68 Dileep

He is very funny
In my way he is the funniest Malayalam actor ever I have seen,
I have no more words describing him
He is the best

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69 Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt

She is the most beautiful, graceful, cute and an elegant Indian actress. She is too! Hot and sexy. I wished that she will be the best actress of India and the whole world. She is like an beautiful fairy of the fairy tales. I like alia so much that I wish that I would look like her she is th most! Most! Most! Most! Good!

Aliya bhatt is too good

My favourite actress and I dream she got a best actress award

She is nice actress in my eyes...

V 17 Comments
70 Prabhas

The young rebel star of telugu film industry

I am his big fans

Best actor in cinema industry

No1hero in India

V 7 Comments
71 Puneeth Rajkumar

Best of God Fathers

Good acting voice dance

Best kannada actor

Best forever

V 6 Comments
72 Nayanthara

She is very talented and beautiful actress I have never seen such a talented beauty.

Very beautiful acting

She is a best in the world. I love you.

She is lady super star in tamil cinima

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73 Siddharth

He acting in Ek villain was great. he is charming and cool as well as humble

Best actor ever seen

Sid is too good

You are my favrouite actor ever love uuu sid all the best for your upcoming movie with Jacqueline my favorite

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74 Siddharth Malhotra Siddharth Malhotra

He is the best actor in world,
And greatest actor in India,
You are my favorite actor.

His acting in Ek villain was great. he is charming, cool as well as humble. best actor!

I wish he one day work with his favorite actress kajol I also so love kajol and I think it is interesting film like nothing Hill

You are a best actor.

V 21 Comments
75 Tamannaah

Tamannah! The milky who made big names in tollywood! These young actress... Comparing her to kareena kapoor! Wow great figure...

Tamannah... The best dance heroine in tollywood!
Best actress ever! The milk white beauty stirkes again in bollywood today!
I hope she got it to the top! Tamannah forever

One of the most beautiful actresses in India... Best dancer...

Tamannaah bhatia is the most beautiful Indian favourite dancer in Indian cinema.i love you tammu

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76 Mithun Chakraborty

My favorable. Actor mithun the

Trend setter. Three national awards winner. Most apperance in leading roles. One of the best dancer. Best hair style winner.

Mithun is the best of the Indian actors. His charming smile, brave acting and handsomeness admires all of his kumirs!

I love dada

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77 Silk Smitha

She is very hot & sexy

Her boobs are very milky. I will sex with you whole night.

78 Juhi Chawla

You looks so sweet in every film. I l o

Another one of my favorite love her too

One of the best Actress

You are a very very preety girl.

V 3 Comments
79 Asin Asin

She best actress in the world

She most talent women, she knew several langues and she a wonderful, sexy and hot beauty. Sh has currently doing two movie is all is well and Shaukeen.2014

Your ready with salman khan is very nice film for kids is good

I am a filipino fan of her... India is too far fr Philippines, after watching ghajini, I awe her a lot, she's a good actress, a brilliant one.. all ups for ms. Asin... looking 4ward to see her

80 Shobana

She is the Queen of Indian Film... No one can beat her acting and dancing... She is the brilliant actress, who got National awrds twice.. Love yOu shobhana

The flexibility in acting, the beauty, the dance... she should be the actress considered first than any other one. She is amazing.

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