Best Kannada Movies of All Time

Kannada.. one of the languages in India.. Vote your favorite Kannada movie..

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81 New Delhi

An excellent movie of Ambi


82 Kaviratna Kalidasa

Evergreen movie of all time.. The Better of Best dialogues and use of kannada..

Super Movie Nam Boss Dr."Rajkumar" Kalidasa super

83 Bulbul

Sandalwood king challenging star darshan he is always no1 hero

Darshan is good not a waste body

Supper acting darshan

Super movie

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84 Mandya

nice film

85 Ranna

Ran na is a good movie and awesome movie and it is a good movie. Kiccha Sudeep - Rachita Raw and super combination and songs are super.

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86 Ranganayaki

The best film ever

87 Namma Prithiya Ramu

My fevorate actor super acting

Legendary of acting d-boss

En acting dasa at its best

Its amazing film reacting na rajkumar bandru madalla

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88 Porki

Darshan is number 1 hero super movie

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89 E. Bandhana

Nam boss vishnu is very very good personality.. He is my hero evergreen hero in India

90 Hudugata

Journey of love with super hit 150 days

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91 Upendra 2

Most expected movie of kannada industry

92 Just Math Mathalli

Just math mathalli songs are nice of this picture I like it very much and love it very much it is my challenge to peaceful to watching this picture for long time.

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93 Kaddipudi

Good song movie

Ultimate movie

Super movie

94 Sharapanjara
95 Dilwala

Love story movie from director Anil

96 Chingari

Not a meaningful movie like his other super movies its really a boring movie but his few other movies are awesome

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97 Accident

One of the best movie in kannada by shankar nag.

98 Premaloka

Wonder of Indian cinema

Super ever green

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99 Mr & Mrs Ramachari

The action and fights are superb

Superb golden movie

Super film for 2014

Suoer jodi kandry

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100 Jimmy Gallu

Vishnuvardan's acting is ultimate in this movie and other supporting actors as well.

Innocent man from village his circumstance made him to come to city and he become very big thief under new name

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