SNSD is the Best Girl Group Ever! They're very talented! They sing, dance, rap, act, model, DJ, MC etc... Their music is very good! Fresh, cute and sexy 9 angels... They're like that!... They have a lot of awesome songs! People like their music because it's catchy and upbeat!... In singing, there is Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany and Sunny to look at! Taeyeon has powerful and big vocals! Jessica has sweet voice... Seohyun has a kind of Jazz voice... Tiffany's voice has an English accent making fans like her... Sunny can reach high notes and has cute voice!... While in dancing, Here is Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona! Hyoyeon is the best dancer! Even Eunhyuk said that he liked Hyoyeon's dancing that Hyoyeon teached him... Hyoyeon knows robotics, poppin, freestyle etc!... Yuri has sexy dance moves! Sooyoung is also good in dancing! They even partnered her with Hyoyeon and the dance was great! For Yoona, when you see her dancing, it's like you can't take off your eyes off her... ...more

They are very special girl group. Not only the dancing but also their singing ability, feminine appearance they are very cautious and very timid attitude. They are not only beautiful but also very preservative ladies. That is the most precious on all of you. Love ya. Keep your good work. Don't care what people said. You girls are very smart and can handle what is important and what is not. No need to be like other group must collaborate with US singer W no need... Your can stand out without having those kind of things.

They're the ARTISTS, they are promoting Korea in other countries, because of them, a lot of people became interested in listening to KPOP, because of them, Korea became famous to other countries, because of THEM, I want to go to Korea, SNSD are not just beauties, they are both Talented and Amazing.. They have the SKILLS... They have this extreme CONNECTION with their FANS (sones including me) I've been with them from the start, their hardworks are worth paying for... And SM knows about this... That's why he never stop giving projects to SNSD, because what markets demand? SNSD!

I really like SNSD Why? Because SNSD's very creative than a person whose name is "Cherrybelle" Cherrybelle it is "plagiarism" of SNSD! I really hate Cherrybelle, and its personnel is outrageous speech! When asked by someone "Do you know SNSD? "One of the personnel Cherrybelle Answer: "What Is It? Is it food? " the words of one personnel Cherrybelle really makes me want to scold her! I hate cherrybelle very very poor, crazy, plagiarism of SNSD, bad! Made me become emotional!...

SNSD is the FIRST female band that I ever was interested in and it is THEM who introduced me to Kpop. I was hooked from the first minute of the first video that I watched of theirs. These girls are the biggest contribution to kpop's current international fame, as most people I know who got into kpop got into it because of SNSD, and they introduce most of the international fans of kpop to kpop. SOrry jealous haters, it's just been like that and it always will be, it's all over the internet how these girls are the reason most western people get into kpop. After the legendary BoA, SNSD is the second biggest contributor to kpop's international fame (although I think BoA is more notable and active in jpop)

They are just awesome! Although they have so many antis, we sone still will support them. To antis, I don't know why you are so hating to them. Are you insecure of your bias' position in K-pop? Or you are born to hate someone? Or you are just jealous of them having such high popularity? Get a life please. Even though I don't really like certain groups in k-pop, I will just keep my mouth off. But as for Antis, they will bash their bias' rivals instead. Poor Fans... Especially to those fan girls.

We already know who is the winner here girls generation clearly, they are great at singing and dancing as well as modelling and acting. They worked hard to get to where they are now their songs are also very very good gee, genie, oh, run devil run, hoot, the boys these girls have taken on Korea, Asia and now the world.

They are the best! They are excellent in every industries such as acting, singing, dancing and so on. Perhaps, some of them are lack in certain skills, but they have been covering their weakness with all their talent respectively. You know that SNSD is one. They are organized, and like a team. Teamwork is the most important substance to be successful in every industries. SOSHI! SONE WILL SUPPORT YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

Umh... Girl generation is which inspired many of them especially in my country ya 'call it cherybelle. (Indonesia)

When compared to very much because snsd very long training while only a capital imitation of SNSD look at the inadequate expertise without

SNSD deserves to win! They not only are talented, but they are also funny, caring, and they are also very nice to all their fans. If you watch some of their shows, you can see all their different personalities shine through and each are equally unique in their own way.

Girls' Generation make'em feel the heat! And we do it... We can't be beat... We born to win better tell all your friends! 'Cause we get it in! You know the girls! Right now is GIRLS' GENERATION! Tomorrow will be GIRLS' GENERATION! Always it'll be GIRLS' GENERATION! SNSD FIGHTING!

SNSD IS THE B.E.S.T. Their songs are cool, and they're the most gorgeous angels I've ever seen. They're the only reason I fell in love with k-pop I especially LOVE their songs Into the New World, Bad Girl, Mr. Taxi, etc. How can anyone not vote for SNSD?

It's not that hard to love snsd, just watch and listen to what they are doing, you'll just automatically love them so much. I'm not lying, since it really happened to me. Till now, I still don't feel regret to be their fan, I even feel so thankful to God to let me know them

I like snsd very much! They makes me and my group mates inspired in every dance performance or competitions that we participated.. There music only caught my attention than other k-pop groups... Snsd/so nyuh shi dae/girls generation fighting!

Soshi is the best
I really love them, they are one of the most talented group I've ever know

They're all beautiful inside out and super entertaining
I would love to see them I real life because that's one of my biggest dream, Soshi hwating!

SNSD is the name always in my mind, never in my mind without them, S9 is my life, I do not know my life without S9 is a star again... I hope that good things will come with S9 most beloved... I hope that some people hate S9 hope will reduce... One day everyone will love S9, S9 not hate anymore...

Once you know them, you are able to hate them..
Just like me.. I used to be an anti-SNSD but after I got to know them, my hate change 100% into love..
And I promise to be a SONE forever!

SNSD are the reason that I like Kpop. Ever since I hear Gee and Into the new world, they have always been my favourite and forever will me. We SONES are very proud of them for reaching so far. World domination is soon

Quality assured band, got everything from looks, voice, acting skills to funny, kind, sociable personality. They have worked really hard, all of us know how much effort they put in and we recognized their effort! BEST KPOP group!

They're pretty and talented in their own way. They had been work hard since their first debut 5 years ago. Their tears and sweat will be will replied by much love from many people, especially sone!

SNSD is the best best best and the very best of all! With nine beautiful angels, nine beautiful voice and lots of beautiful songs sang by them, they are best than the best! SNSD, fighting! We will always support you! Love you all!

SNSD. Their performance, their personalities, their bonds, how could we doubt them as the best K-Pop Artist of forever? :P I love some other k-pop artist too but SNSD is number one, at least for me!

They're Versatility and how they handle stage problems. They're also very charismatic which is an exemplary quality of a K Pop artists. They Keep on striving to give the best performance within their reach.

SNSD is the best. They have many hit song's. Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun... SONE always support you guys... Forever9...

SNSD the name is SUPERB. Your gurls have different talents. Your are pretty. Idol of the female in the world. Your know how to be pretty as a lady... That is arts. We have to learn from you. Admirers...