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1 Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador is a magnificent car. It can go from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds, which is breathtaking performance. It reaches 217 mph. You used to, and still can, get that kind of performance in really expensive cars that cost $1,000,000 and above. But the Aventador costs $400,000. Jason Plato on Fifth Gear said that it's a bargain, and he's right. Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear UK liked it a lot, and it was Top Gear's 2011 Car of the Year.

The best Lamborghini in performance, and it only costs about $400,000. My favorite car ever! I especially like the black Mansory Carbonado version. The Aventador is much faster than the Reventon and much newer. It also is much cheaper. I really think it should be number 1. Once, when I was driving down the highway, I saw a beautiful black Aventador roaring down the road.

2 Reventon

I think the Reventón is the heaven of cars. There have only been 4 made. It should be the best car in the world. I agree. Cars are epic.

The best of Lamborghini. Aventadors may be good, but the Reventón is just the true fighter jet of Lamborghini.

Best car in the world. The car of the future.

3 Diablo

Combining the excitement of the old Lamborghini cars with the build quality of the newer ones, the Diablo, specifically the 6.0, is the perfect blend of old Lamborghini wildness and new Audi-Lambo reliability. I also think the Diablo is the best-looking Lambo, more exciting than modern Lambos but not too extreme like the Countach. The Diablo is truly timeless, and as a total package, it is the best Lamborghini ever.

I love the Lamborghini Diablo because it looks cool, and I want to drive one when I am 21 years old.

4 Murciélago

This is probably the most beautiful-looking car in the world!

0-60: 3.0 seconds
Weight: 4060 pounds
Price (USA dollars): $350,000
Top Speed: A whopping 212 miles per hour
Horsepower: 613 hp

That is by far the best Lamborghini ever made!

The most beautiful-looking Lamborghini with the most beautiful sound. The LP640 and the LP670-4 SV were the best of this model. Even though it is quite old (made in 2001), it is still one of the best Lamborghinis ever made.

This is a true supercar, and I can speak from experience as an actual owner. This car expresses craftsmanship and true raw power.

5 Veneno

Why do they say it's the ugliest car in 2013? When I heard about this, I didn't even care. It looks so aggressive.

6 Gallardo

Costs only as much as a new Lexus ES, more agile than the Murcielago, can be bought as either RWD or AWD. It is the only actual convertible (not a targa - other open-top Lambos are targas, as they retain a solid rear pillar) made by Lamborghini, and many consider it the first supercar that can be driven daily.

Epicness! The car is boss and way better than the Murciélago. Also, Gallardos are so boss that there are 4 of them in the top ten. The car has also performed the best. This is very different from the Murciélago!

It looks cool! I especially like the yellow one.

7 Huracán

Awesome! It's in my top favorite cars of all time!

The Huracán has the best design when it becomes Super Trofeo (or STO).

8 Sesto Elemento

This car should definitely be higher on the list! I mean, have you seen its body? It basically looks like a transformer! Riding it is the closest you can get to flying!

(By the way, I'm a girl, so don't criticize me if I don't have enough knowledge about cars.)

I'm more of a Ferrari fan, but this Lamborghini is absolutely incredible! It has an amazing engine, only 15 were made, and the most astonishing fact of all is that it weighs only 999 kg! The Huracán, Sesto Elemento, and Reventón should top this list.

This is the Need for Speed Dino's car in the final DeLeon race. It's also the sixth element for Lamborghini.

9 Countach

You can't get better than the Countach. Everything else was built on it.

The car that made the name 'Lamborghini' famous. If it wasn't for the Countach, Lambo may be nothing.

It just was the first and original super car!

10 Centenario
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11 Miura

I agree with the comments. The Miura should be much higher. However, most of the voters will be young and perhaps not really have a knowledge of this car's importance. The Miura is one of the most important supercars ever.

It was the first mid-engined high-performance car, launching Lamborghini onto the supercar stage and cementing their place in history. As someone said, No Miura, no Aventador. In fact, without the Miura, the whole supercar landscape may have gone in a different direction, as Ferrari and Maserati were still designing front-engined supercars.

12 Jalpa
13 Silhouette
14 Islero
15 Egoista
16 Jarama
17 Urus
18 Espada
19 Terzo Millennio
20 Sian
21 Asterion
22 Vision GT
23 Estoque
24 LM002
25 Urraco
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