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1 Aventador

It looks cool and drives like a boss

Literally the best lambo ever built

It's the best Lambo ever built! It's the most stylish, the fastest and the fanciest as well! Its sooo cool.

It's just AWESOME!

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2 Reventon

Looks like a squashed cockroach

Best car in the world. The car of the future

I think the reventon is the heaven of cars there is only 4 been made it should be the best car in the world. I agree with car of the future cars are epic

This is number one? Why? Miura definitely should be number one one of the most important supercars of all time

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3 Diablo

Beautiful and fast

Combining the excitement of the old Lamborghini cars with the build quality of the newer ones, the Diablo, specifically the 6.0, is the perfect blend of old Lamborghini wildness and new Audi-Lambo reliability. I also think the Diablo is the best-looking Lambo, more exciting than modern Lambos but not too extreme like the Countach. The Diablo is truly timeless, and as a total package is the best Lamborghini ever.

I love the Lamborghini diablo because it looks cool and I want to drive one when I am 21 years old. - Nexoboy888

I miss this beautifull car :*)

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4 Murcielago

Coolest looking lamborghini in my opinion

The most beautiful-looking Lamborghini with the most beautiful sound. The LP640 and the LP670-4 SV were the best of this model. Even it is quite old (made in 2001), it is still the one of the best Lamborghini ever made.

I think it should be top ten because on top gear they had it on there and it looked so cool and fast

My love - Mazdak84dadvand

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5 Countach

The only design with both power and beauty


How is the piece of julius caesar reventon in the top, yet this isn't even in the top 5? I'm lucky it's not a contender. - wintermagnet

The old and true Lamborghini!

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6 Veneno

I thought this car was good but for its cost it sucks get the aventador

Apparently there are dumb people on this planet!

Love the car its amazing best in the world for now

Best car when it's black or green

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7 Gallardo Superleggera

best car ever! I have it on grand turismo 5 and it rocks!

Its awesome! That's all I need to say

8 Gallardo

Too be honest I'd rather have the 2004 Gallardo than the new version - Danielsun182

It looks cool! I especially like the yellow-colored one.

Costs only as much as a new Lexus ES, more agile than the Murcielago, can be bought as either RWD or AWD, is the only actual convertible (not a targa; other open-top Lambos are targas, as they retain a solid rear pillar) made by Lamborghini and many consider it the first supercar that can be driven daily.

9 Huracán

Spyder = dream - LightningBlade

Better than any lamborghini, but I still love miura and veneno BUT HURUCAN IS NUMBER 1 BY 1 000 000 MILES

To me best lambo ever

Awesome! In my top the favourite cars of all time!

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10 Centenario

It's like a better model of the Aventador - Not_A_Weeaboo

It's dope

Cool Design ITS LIT

love it

The Contenders

11 Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

Epicness! The car is boss and way better than Murcielago. Also Gallardo's are so boss that there are 4 of them in the top ten. Also the car has performed the best. This is very different to Murcieilago!

12 Gallardo lp560-4
13 Murcielago lp640

This a true super car and I can speak from experience being an actual owner. This car expresses craftsmanship and true raw power.

14 Jalpa
15 Murcielago SV

Well, this just came out so it is my other 2nd favorite car

16 Miura

I agree with the comments, the Miura should be much higher, but most of the voters will be young and perhaps not really have a knowledge of this cars importance. The miura is one of the most important supercars ever. It was the first mid engined high performance car launching Lamborghini on the supercar stage and cementing their place in history. As someone miura no aventador. In fact without the miura the whole supercar landscape may have gone in a different direction, as Ferrari and Maserati were still designing front engined supercars.

It was the first supercar it started a whole new breed of cars and its gorgeous looking

This is simply the sexiest Lamborghini ever made. LOOK AT IT!

First super car. Without this, no aventador

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17 Silhouette
18 Sesto Elemento

I'm more of a ferrari fan, but this lamborghini I absoloutly incredible! it has an incredible engine, only 15 were made and the most astonishing fact of all, IT WEIGHS ONLY 999KG! hurucan, sesto elemento and reventon should top this list

I an in awe of this incredible thing. - PositronWildhawk

This car should definitely be higher! I mean, have you seen it's body?!?! It basically looks like a transformer! And riding it is the closest you can get to flying!
(by the way, imma girl. So don't kill me if I don't have enough knowledge about cars)

19 Gallardo Balboni
20 Gallardo Spyder
21 Ferruccio
22 Islero
23 Murcielago Spyder
24 Aventador 50th Anniversario
25 Jarama
26 Gallardo Super GT
27 Miura Spyder
28 Egoista
29 Murcielago R-GT
30 Valentino Balboni
31 Aventador J

People are dumb how can they not lke this


32 Aventador SV Roadster

It could be better

Best car as wild as an aventador except with the nice breeze in your face and 50 more horsepower

33 25th Anniversary Countach
34 Estoque
35 LM002
36 Vorsteiner Novara Huracán
37 Gallardo LP560-2 50th Anniversario
38 Miura SV
39 Urraco
40 Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloco Manual Coupe

This is probably the most beautiful looking car in the world!
0-60 - 3.0 Seconds
Weight - 4060 pounds
Price (USA Dollars) - 350,000$
Top Speed - A Whopping 212 Miles Per Hour
Horse Power - 613hp

That is by far the best Lamborghini ever made!

41 Espada
42 Urus
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