Top 10 Greatest Italian Cars

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1 Ferrari F430 Spyder

Their is nothing in this universe that compares to Italian cars, reliable, speed, looks, undeniably the best cars on this god forsaken earth...

It looks awesome. Its by far my most favorite Ferrari. Its definitely the best Ferrari ever made! It rocks

Nice speed and looks really nice. Every time people it, they're like damn! Where you get that car!

Best Car. I got it and people look at it and are like Damn!

2 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

I love it. My Lamborghini Murcielago is such a smooth ride I don't feel any of the bumps or potholes in the road when I'm in it. And it is such a sweet ride. All my friends are jealous of me and keep asking me if they can take my Lamborghini Murcielago out for a joy ride, but it is to nice for that. I manly use it to go to dinner parties.

Again, it's a great car, and I don't know were I'd be without it

Love Lamborghini, maybe because it is in my blood. I was born the same day the creator of lamborghini born, and since april is the month of the taurus this is why it is the emblema of lamborghini

Oh man it's the best car ever my cousin has one and always win a race from ferrari f430

I really want to move to italy to get a car like that. I really want a jaguar car

3 Maserati MC12

These cars have it all from looks, to speed, to reliability, the best, truly the best...

Its fast sensational and great V12 engine

You don't buy it, you earn it

the most beautiful and it costs a lot of money which means you don't see one every day

4 Ferrari California

Wonderful, fast, cheap, good looking and amazing. Ferrari are doing the job that every car brand is given to do, which only Ferrari do properly.

The best convertibile hard top ever

This just an enthureasum car

5 Lamborghini Diablo

This is a great car I think it should be a little further up

It is an amazing car so amazing

I even have a dialblo and it is really fast

Best car ever

6 Fiat Tempra

I so love FIAT's there the best car ever when I past my driving test I've always had FIAT's

Italian cars are the best machines ever built

I don't like fiats but fiat tempra I really nice

7 Fiat 500

Great cute car, available as the fast abarth or as a convertible, this car is great. The old one and the retro.

Even for me as an Lamborghini fan, I have to vote for this beauty. I also really like the Abarth Version

Love my 2013 cinquecento! It's sturdy, compact and so stylish with its Italian flair... Quite a head-turner!

Fiat 500 cars are great they are amazing! πŸ˜‡β˜ΊπŸ˜πŸ˜

8 Lamborghini Gallardo

Featured in many Need for speed series. It is fast, stylish and you can feel the power of the engine

This is the best car ever and I love it and gonna get it when I am older

I would like to own the Lamborghini Gallardo

It's so awesome I wish I had one so badly

9 Fiat Panda

I've had 3, now on my 2nd 4x4 version. Most practical and fun to own car out there.

It looks like a real panda

Sponsored by Rovazzi which means it's the best

SUVs are the best kind of cars

10 Pagani Zonda

A truly classy car, designed with high attention to details, serious craftsmanship, and very intimidating driving experience.

YES! My third favorite car. I feel sorry for the Lamborghini Countach, too.

AMG v12 good for 560 up(for the cinque) with classic Italian engineering with a manual gearbox! What else is more fun than this?

Why the hell is it not on this list?!

The Contenders
11 Alfa Romeo 155

Best car ever, Forza Alfa!

12 Alfa Romeo 159

An alfa romeo is the best with all its style and stuff like that. The suprime black alfa romeo is the best and wipes all the other cars in the buliding. All the alfa romeo are great. C

Ferrari may be Sex, but Alfa Romeo is ORGASM!

Pure emotion! More words are useless!

I love lamborghini its awesome and not the slightest bit in dunno buinessy so yeah lambo 4 life baby

13 Lancia Flavia
14 Ferrari 458 Italia

I agree with jeremy clarkson from top gear. this is definitely one of the greatest cars ever made

I love this sports car so much.

Has always been my dream car

This is a fantastic car!

15 Ferrari F50

Three thousand pounds of the super Italian car.

16 Ferrari Enzo

It is the best car ever

cooler than the lamborghinis and maseratis

17 Alfa Romeo 164

After over twenty years blasting across highways and mountain roads all over the world, they keep running and stunning. A car whose base version was more luxurious than an S-class for a lot less. Design is timeless. Pininfarina nailed it with a fast and agressive look that is still as delicate and sublime as only they can do. Engines are amazing: from the two liter Twin Spark to the three liter 24-valve V6, passing through the two liter inline four and V-6 engines, they were faster than M3 BMWs and much, much more iconic. They do beat every modern Alfa Romeo on this list, especially on build quality and brand identity.

With the busso V6 engine this car would beat a mercedes saloon on overal evaluation.
Strong engine with race history
Nice seats and interior
Special feel behind the wheel
Good/awesome roadhold

It was simply amazing, comfy and had excellent road hold.
They were bult with love and quality.

It beats the 159

18 Maserati Grand Turismo

Scientific studies have shown that the Maserati revving engine increases the testosterone on all women in the study. A lot of women loves men who drive the Maserati.

Looks perfect, could use more power for the weight

19 Lancia Y
20 Lamborghini Countach

The badass ultimate sportscar of the 80's.

21 Ferrari GTB550
22 Fiat Punto

Fiat punto forever! I love my punto!... Greetings from Greece

I love my punto! From istanbul!

Very underrated car

The best car ever!

23 Pagani Huayra

Come on people! The Huayra is Italy's best car!

The huayra should be number 1

Awesome on gran turismo

It is beautiful and fast

24 Fornasari Tender
25 Lamborghini Egoista

First look this sick car up now and tell me this car isn't the most sickest and most coolest Italian exotic car

This car is basically the future of cars

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