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61 Vladimir Smicer

Not the best player but if he didn't come on in the champions league final we wouldn't have won it. - wolphert

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62 Alberto Moreno

I have a feeling he is gonna have a good long career at liverpool - wolphert

Do not like him conceed conceed to much goals because of moreno

63 Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli
64 Rickie Lambert
65 Christian Benteke

I never forget the overhead kick finishing that he did against ManU. Although we lose, but with honour.

Benteke the monster he scores so much goals.He is my best player.

66 Alan Hansen

Yes great player should be in there instead of Torres

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67 Alan Kennedy
68 Raul Meireles
69 Jonjo Shelvey
70 Nuri Sahin

He might just have been on loan but he was great

71 Alvaro Arbeloa V 1 Comment
72 Fernando Morientes
73 Emile Heskey

Good at controlling the ball and doesn't dive

He used to be good

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74 Joe Allen

Best Liverpool player ever should be at least in 10th place

Welsh xavi

75 Martin Kelly
76 Simon Mignolet Simon Mignolet Simon Luc Hildebert Mignolet is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool and the Belgium national team.

Simon is a outstanding goalkeeper. Is is great at caching and saving them instead of them falling into the net. Great goalkeeping

He saved a lot of shots and he saved a penalty against stoke on his deabeut

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77 Victor Moses
78 Suso
79 Fabio Borini V 1 Comment
80 Andre Wisdom
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