I really love infinite! I became a kpop fan because of then.. I can say that they are the best of the best not only because I'm an inspirit, I can see that they are really talented and hardworking.. They're songs has lot of emotions.. Sometimes, while listening to their music, I cried even I don't understand the message.. I don't know too maybe because they sing with their hearts.. Some of their music videos made me cry too

Infinite is the best and most talented boy band. Members are skillful in their individual performances. Especially, main vocalists and main dancers are so good. They have not only good looking appearance but also the excellent talents. They succeeded because of their own attempts. They are the best and nice in fan service. Their respects and love for fun is very warm and awesome. Their leader, Sung Gyu is the best guide for the members. Team spirit of the members is very amazing and lovely. I think that the best korean kpop boy band is "Infinite". I always expect the best of their performances and albums in every year and solo albums. I like main vocal, Woohyun the most.

They are funny, talented and fun to watch. Love their music. If you are not a fan, try giving them a chance, I regret not knowing about them earlier. They dance well together. funny thing is SHINee got me into Kpop but infinite seems so close with each other. check their ranking king episodes, you'll see what I mean.

I start to fall in love with infinite by seeing their sesame player show, from that show, I know all of infinite member take care each other really well and the most important is they complete each other

INFINITE is a power group. A group that takes pride in their synchronized dancing, powerful live performances and vocals. No other group can come close to that. Aside from the fact that each member also excels in other solo activities. They are INFINITE. No other group can be as talented. They have good characters and unique personalities. They are naturally funny and witty.. they don't even try to be funny.. You just have to put them together and chaos begins. Unlike other groups that do slapsticks and exaggerates just to be funny. Not to mention very very hardworking. Unlike other groups, INFINITE started from nothing. Their CEO did everything for them just to stay together. Their CEO even lived with them. Look at where INFINITE now and look at how much they improved Woollim Ent. They can't be compared with other groups. They're in a whole different level and a different kind of idol group. Their relationship is genuine.. They deserve their success and actually deserve more ...more

INFINITE members are all extremely kind, good looking and of course hard working! I truly love them and I am a huge fan of them! Their songs are very special! That is the reason why I believe their gonna be an amazing and very successful group in 2013! INFINITE FIGHTING, I love YOU! SUNGGYU saraghae!

Infinite is doing very well. Their songs are good and their choreography are really nice too for each and every song. One thing I like about them is their synchronized teamwork when dancing!

Infinite I feel are humble and fun-loving..They have their own style that I love the most..The members are all amazing and talented ones..My dream is that Infinite should be recognized all over the world for their talent and love for fans..I fully hope that 2017 will be their biggest hit..Amazing choreography and vocal..I feel everone should love this outstanding team Love you Infinite.

Synchronization is to the T in everything. Harmonization is stupendous. Music videos are diverse and unique. Everything is just perfect. Fantastic group.

They best in line performance! Love sungyeol..

They are just special among other boy bands, they've their own style if music and dance routine. The best.

So proud to be an inspirit! INFINITE is the best kpop group out there. INFINITE fighting! We got your back!

Infinite is much better than ALL kpop male groups because they made me got into the world of kpop when at first I really hate it because of those weird dances and stuffs. I accidentally saw them on one music channel and I had love on the first sight with all the seven members after seeing their 'Man in Love' MV. I can't help myself to love them at first I kinda feel that liking a kpop group is really against my own rules for these 14 years. Well, they did changed me and my life. They sing really great, and all their dance moves are synchronized as f ck there's no even a single reason to hate them. Their songs are the best I've ever heard try to take a peek into my songs gallery v . They always came up with something new and different and also always find a way to surprise their inspirits. CHECK OUT THEIR NEW MV BAD OHMEGERD. They make us inspirits proud, and we'll keep put high expectations on them, bet everything on them like hoya said and we'll also keep supporting them for life. ',

Infinite... Fighting! I will always love you over my death body..


"You just need to listen all their songs, watch their performance and shows from before their debut until now, then you'll understand. They will capture your heart." :)


Have you seen the new song "back", do I need to say more.

Infinite is a very hard working Idols! They really really love their Fans..

They are perfect from synchronised dance, amazing vocals to amazing visuals. Not to forget their perfect fan service.

My first kpop group and still my favourite. They all have great voices and they are gorgeous.

There 's no a single word that can explain how marvelous INFINITE is..

Is there anything the members of INFINITE can't do? Even those who aren't fans of INFINITE can't help but admire them.

INFINITE are the best of all kpop idols.

Infinite The Best Ever! Fighting!

Infinite has the best songs even if it's a love song

Infinite are probably the best of the best! Unique faces, best choreography and has rhe best songs.. They are also humble persons and they didn't undergo on a plastic surgery..