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1 Samsung Galaxy S-III

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most advanced phone in the world. The iPhone 5 is stuck with a lousy dual-core CPU and has a tiny little display. Who would want to buy a lame, overpriced junk like the iPhone 5?

Samaung galaxy s3 is the best phone and is really easy and simple to use and the best thing is that it doesn't have so much security like apple and on apple you need to write your postcode and all the personal information.

The next generation smartphone with a Quad-Core Processor. It definitely got to be top of this list.

This is a next-generation smart phone. It's processor is most powerful. It is definitely number 1.

2 Apple iPhone 5

What the! IPhone 5 beats that stupid iPhone 3gs. This is newer and has siri. It also looks better. Unfornutatley not british so not as epic as british phones though come on, when a new iPhone comes out it via tradition it should be crowned best phone ever! Taking the spot of the previous iPhone!

The best company and th best phone not like samsung galaxies in which we have to hold that big thing from both our hands...

Sorry But Samsung is not the Best Phone :) Samsung just copied The Great Minds of Apple :) Apple iPhone 5 Triumphs it all

Iphone sucks. Cheap American product with expensive price. HTC kicks Iphone's ass.

3 Apple iPhone 4s

This phone is actually amazing in my view it's better than all the other iPhone models and all the other phone companies. This phone has literally changed my life.

Its 2th in the iPhone series beaten by iPhone 5, and still holds a place in the top 10.

Love the iPhone 4s it's the best phone out there it is life changing and spectacular in every way espically siri X.

Yeah WHATEVER its cool the 5 is better

4 Samsung Galaxy S II

Its got better hardware and software than the iCrap (iPhone 3gs), then what the hell is iPhone 3gs doing on the top. Samsung Galaxy S2, The greatest smartphone ever should be on top of this list

Everything you cold ever want without the ultra-massive size of the S-I

This phone is really good. Hopefully the iAss 4Ass will swap places with this great phone!

Still holds top 3 after a long time.

5 HTC Sensation
6 Samsung Galaxy Note II

It's the larger phone out there, and even competes with galaxy s3 and iPhone 5.

7 Apple iPhone 4

Amazing phone! Best apps (check out infinity blade), great screen, premium materials, an the easiest phone you'll ever use. Android has no chance! It's the only phone that never let me down! Kudos to apple for this great product!

Apple all the way. People want to become like an iPhone, everyone compares with an iPhone, then why is there a dispute that apple suck? I wish steve jobes come back!

Come on! iPhone 4 everybody... It's the more advanced cell than the 3Gs and the best of all other mobiles displayed in here.

Best design ever, best screen ever! Like a Christel best combination of glass ^^ metal, and come on guys every phone has a network problem when you grab them the weird way! And beat 3gs by gyroscope gaming and front cam

8 Nokia Lumia 910
9 HTC One X
10 Nokia 1100

No camera no Bluetooth no infrared no memory card no Multimedia Messaging Service no Global Positioning System not even a color screen display a extremely simple phone but greatest

In some time Nokia 1100 will be at top in this list because it already is worlds best selling phone

If you don't know about world's best selling mobile then you don't know about mobile phones

Awesome unbreakable phone. Even played cricket with it still it didn't break!

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11 Sony Ericcson Xperia

SONY Xperia at 9? What? It must be in number 1.. The touch sensation, the perfection of the mobile, just unbelievable... EVERYONE, WAKE UP!

The best mobile brand I ever had

Sorry but I'm not waking up

That's what I call a phone

12 HTC Butterfly
13 HTC Sensation XL
14 LG Optimus G
15 Apple iPhone 3Gs

best phone ever! best touch ever! better than any other phone in this world...! my phone..!

better than iphone 4 and I i think blackberry torch should be here

The Best Phone, And Without The Problems Of An iPhone 4!

The best phone ever it's my phone as well

16 Apple iPhone 3G
17 Blackberry Curve 9320
18 Sony Xperia Z
19 Apple iPhone 5s

Wouldn't trade it for anything

I still have it in 2018

20 Nokia 3310

I had this one as my first mobile phone... It could make phone calls and messages which is the main job of any mobile phones and it was really fast and practical even though it didn't have internet now I own a samsung phone and I am stuck with lagging every time I try to do anything and by the way my nokia is still running perfectly and it doesn't even has a scratch on it looking at you samsung...

Saw one in the phone recycling bin, the box wasn't even broken and it was made of cardboard!

This is the most indestructible phone out there.

"Even Chuck Norris can't break the Nokia 3310"
Plainrock124: Well, not anymore.

21 HTC One V

Whats the lowest you would sell, and does it comes with the box?

22 Samsung Galaxy S4

It's is the powerful phone in the world. I, m going to love it if I had it!

It's the best phone deserves to be in top 5 not in top 20

23 Sony Xperia S
24 Sony Xperia U
25 iPhone 6
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