A.R. Rehman


He is a legend. No more compromise. Now I am loving music means he is the one reason. In the beginning he worked hard due to lot of criticizes he over come from that. He proved him self. His music all age group people's are liking. All region people's are liking. Hole nation people's are liking and all asian peoples are liking. Today all over the WORLD People are Listening and enjoying his music. I LOVE... AR. Rehman. Your are my role model. India should proude because you born in INDIA.

A R Rahman is best because he is only musician who can compose music for all kind of movies like period movie, patriotic movie, and for current cinema. No musician in india who can do this kind of work. Rahman is a only Indian Music Director who perform in Oscar for two times.

Indian music and music directors followed the same way of composing a classical songs for movie songs till ARR's debut (mesmerizing tune based composition, that is the reason we all praise their brilliance) which was already done by Thiyagarajar! Indeed they used instruments like filling the interlude parts. There was no innovation for music based or instrument based composition (alike template based crafting which literally wont consume time to create a song as they wont spend time to discriminate their music or sound, those days TABLA was the only percussion instrument. Those MD think whats beyond tabla, why don't we try some other instruments) Situations remained same in movies so they did not changed music template!

ARR the ERA of Indian music who changed all the above mentioned ritual way of composing movie music! He is very keen in every music that he adds to his tunes as it should not get repeat or make listeners bore.

Man with diff thinking and diff vision ...more

Ar rahman sir is only a great musician ever in India I don't say against and don't insult other musicians.. But compared to all he's only best

No ranking is possible for any form of art even among contemporaries. Art in the form of music is eternal. Some notes at certain frequencies resonates with the natural frequency of otherwise agonizing soul for want of love and divinity within. All are great as they have shared their happiness in the form of beautiful songs. Thanks to all of them, for the ever green arts. The artists may err and not the art.

He is my soul, he only understand my every feelings with music, sometimes he encourage me a lot, he advice me with that, he guided me. All my life my growth with these peoples 1. Mom&Dad 2. Rahman Ji 3. Brother&Sister 4. Friends

Those who have said that he is overrated terribly underrate him
He achieved many milestones that wasnt accomplished ny many artists in bollywood. Countless times he has proved himself and his songs from his early golden age demonstrate the soul-impact effect on many

Every composer have some smell of their native feel & their ideas are expired in some years, but rahman is unique his music is giving a extraordinary feel to all of the nation... He's the best composer in last 100 years.

He is not a music director nor composer, only he is the sound engineer. Now a days he couldn't direct the music with the instruments. Eventhough, he can't direct the music without electronic and computer technologies. a real music director means he want to know play the all music instruments or giving instructions to play the instruments to the players. In the height of the discussions, we are discussed about the cine music particularly. So that, a real music director will do his job in the film, he must complete the stipulated time in the whole production of the film. But, this man did his job in every film, he will take the long time for after completion the whole film. that time extend to month to month, and years to years. Because, he is not the capable person for the film industry. Single word in Tamil " Sarakku illai"

He has given music to with almost every genre and also has worked with many different style films and has also won almost all awards through the globe and has made India Proud to stand on World Rank in music

There maybe many musicians across India who can do good music with their own style like folk, melody, rock... But taking the case of Rahman, he can do the styles in any styles... There was film called Boys (2003), its songs were composed by Rahman. The film is related to the new generation teens, their life etc. Rahman made the music in a way its more newer than the visuals. Infact, even in this 2014, I have never heard music trendier than that...

He is the man who can give out the perfect mix with professional quality of western classic, Indian Classic (karnatic), and Folks which will mesmerize the music listeners & professional.
We can classify the Indian music before A. R Rahman & after A. R Rahman. There are other music directors who contributed to the change in Bollywood, but they got the influence and/or confident by the success of A. R Rahman's music.

AR Rahman is the best in Indian film industry and now he is working in Hollywood movies too... I love his songs.. Mindblowing... Nice melodies... Rock songs... And Indian NATIONAL ANTHEM too... AR RAHMAN is the best

RD Burman is the most versatile music director. The fact that many of his numbers are remixed in albums, movies, advertisements etc. And still very popular speaks volumes about his music and has surpassed the test of time.

He is a legend. His simplicity keeps him in a very good position.. :) I am very proud to be his fan.

AR Rahman is only the director of music who given a magical melody of musics and all peoples enjoying his romantic songs and melodies.. So A.R. Rahman is the best music director In India... I love you A.R. R

A R Rahman is always best, and he shows the different kind of composing where comes into the heart, otherwise followed by other musician are good.

There are 100 great Composers of this land... But there is one and only one Man who can stir up the Emotions of a common Man irrespective of his Standards... The freshness of his Music Still Last... And will last forever... Love you Rahman Sir... Love your Music.

I am a follower of A R's Music..Wow what kind of creativity he has... If I get a chance...I would be a part of Rahman's musical band... always shining star of music...Wonderful and marvelous music director... You are the best..always..

He is a genius in music world. His every composing will be for forth coming generation. The man who discover the tunes for current trends forever. No one can beat him in the world
The man behind music world:

Emperor of music
King of music
Prince of music

He is humble, talented, an amazing role model and his love for God. His spirituality is his blessing. He talent comes straight from God and he is using that talent to spread peace and not hate.

A. R rahman is the god of music every body following the master... Rahman is a world no. Music director but he is very simple... My life is ar music

The greatest of all time... Too many complete albums. There hasn't been a single musician who can give this much variety, with this much technological prowess, this much experimentation, and this much success.

The king of music! A matchless and consistent music director.No doubt that he is indeed and boon to our land. The blend in his songs latch in everyone's heart.

I am a physicist by profession. I always would compare Rahman with Einstein because only these two might share an equal energy level though their field of interest is totally different.