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61 Perona

She is bae. Gothic Lolita for life. All hail the ghost princess!

All hail the ghost princess!

Coolest power


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62 Kaku

Kaku is a legitimate BADASS. He jumps off buildings miles above and survives. That square nose is something I'll never forget.

Kaku is absolutely awesome he nearly defeated Zoro in his fight, and he is super killed at anything, he is totally legendary

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63 Blackbeard

Lets get something straight. BLACKBEARD IS NOT A BAD GUY. He and luffy are simply aiming for the same goal, King of the Pirates. Blackbeard may have done bad things such as get ace executed and take whitebeard's fruit. But let's talk logic, Blackbeard told luffy the one piece exists simply to keep him aiming for his goal. What good will going for something be without any challenges?

Oh we'll be seeing more of him. And people on here: he is the reason ace died how is he not a bad guy?

Dude he's just so damn cool

Honestly, I don't like Blackbeard at all. I respect his goal and his power and all, and I loved the scene when he and Luffy first met and they were ordering pie and stuff, but he was responsible for Ace's death D:<

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64 Nojiko

Namis sister right? The fact I don't really remember shows you how irrelevant she is

65 Vergo

Lol what

66 Caesar Clown Caesar Clown

I hated him so much during the punk hazard arc but after he became a hostage of the straw hats I found him pretty amusing and funny

He's arrogant and cruel, but very cowardly when his life is in danger. And as strong as he is, Luffy does defeat him. He can make some funny faces too. He's my other favorite antagonist next to Arlong. He makes a pretty good villain.

67 Donquixote Rosinante

If it weren't for him, Law would have died. If it weren't for his devil fruit, Law would have died. If he wasn't such a great diplomat with a heart of gold he wouldn't have saved Law's life, sacrificing his own. He is one of my favorite One Piece characters.

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68 Wiper

He's like Pocahontas but with wings and a penis, honestly what more can you ask from a person.

The other comment on this guy says it all

69 Shirahoshi

For some reason Shirahoshi reminds me of Orihime Inoue, but the difference is that I love Shirahoshi.

Literally a big no no

so cute

70 Paulie

Water seven dude... Who really cares?

71 Coby

He's an inspirational character with more morals than any other character in the series. He loves others and is humble yet determined at the same time. In caring, I don't think anyone compares.

Puberty. Coby did it right. It hit him like a truck.

Coby is awesome he was a kid whiteout any badassery now he is a cool marine who uses haki what is het not doing in top 20

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72 Wapol

No thanks

It's Wario.

73 Kaido

He is anonymous at the moment but he is probably the most badassed char in OP.

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74 Gecko Moria

Worst warlord, even buggy is better

I just like the Whole thing about him getting revenge for what Kaido did to his former crew. he's gotta have a Power-up after the timeskip

At first he was tough but then luffy beats him. Doflamingo 'kills; him after the battle of marineford, but later on jinbe implies he could be a live

75 Carue

I love the super spotted duck billed squad

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76 Bell-mère

Her death was the first time one piece touched me in the deepest level

I cried when she met her unfortunate fate.

She was the bravest person in the entire series.

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77 Sogeking

The mask is kinda funny. Makes me wanna laugh every time.

Sniper Island is in your hearts you guys

78 Iceburg

I love the little mouse he keeps in his pocket. It's so cute!

X drake become a tyrannosaurus this guy tamed a tyrannosaurus

79 Mr. 1

He is strong and acts cool all the time. one of my favorite characters - akirahayashi

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80 Richie

Buggys lion I think. Best lion in one piece even beats pekoms

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