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61 Coby

He's an inspirational character with more morals than any other character in the series. He loves others and is humble yet determined at the same time. In caring, I don't think anyone compares.

Puberty. Coby did it right. It hit him like a truck.

Coby is awesome he was a kid whiteout any badassery now he is a cool marine who uses haki what is het not doing in top 20

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62 Don Krieg

Nothing special about this freak

Golden guy

The most powerful character in all of one piece history to defeted zeff

63 Donquixote Rosinante

If it weren't for him, Law would have died. If it weren't for his devil fruit, Law would have died. If he wasn't such a great diplomat with a heart of gold he wouldn't have saved Law's life, sacrificing his own. He is one of my favorite One Piece characters.

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64 Shirahoshi

For some reason Shirahoshi reminds me of Orihime Inoue, but the difference is that I love Shirahoshi.

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65 Carue

I love the super spotted duck billed squad

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66 Bell-mère

Her death was the first time one piece touched me in the deepest level

I cried when she met her unfortunate fate.

She was the bravest person in the entire series.

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67 Sogeking

The mask is kinda funny. Makes me wanna laugh every time.

Sniper Island is in your hearts you guys

68 Iceburg

I love the little mouse he keeps in his pocket. It's so cute!

X drake become a tyrannosaurus this guy tamed a tyrannosaurus

69 Mr. 1

He is strong and acts cool all the time. one of my favorite characters - akirahayashi

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70 Richie V 1 Comment
71 Zeff

I loved this character more because he use only his legs to crush his opponents and there blood coloured his boots red and named him
"The Red Foot Zeff"

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72 Foxy

Oh god what a colossal failure. At least he was meant to make us cringe

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73 Eyelashes

He/she is a camel but great it's a camel who joined the super-sonic duck squad I mean DUCK squad do the anime is awesome

Should be number 1 along with The duck

74 Kaya V 2 Comments
75 Chimney

I loved her for some reason. She was funny and cute and I loved how hyper sh was. Plus, she helped in the plot as well, so she wasn't useless

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76 Wapol V 1 Comment
77 Miss Valentine

I also voted for Miss Valentine due to the other comment stating, and I quote, " PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR HER I FIND HER SO ANNOYING! "

Same, I voted for Miss Valentine due to the other comment, I like to annoy people

I voted because of the other comment

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78 Merry

MERRY I miss you! Can't believe I would cry for a ship, but I bawled my heart out because of you!

Merry's funeral sent me into tears (but not as much as Ace's death)

Surprised to find merry on here but how could I forget

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79 Madam Shyarly

Probably not the best character in one piece...

She is a short fin mako shark mermaid and Arlong's younger half-sister. She's also a fortune teller and proprietor of a restaurant. However, while Arlong despises humans, Shyarly is more accepting and does not get mad when the Straw Hat Pirates tell her what they did to Arlong.

80 Kaido

He is anonymous at the moment but he is probably the most badassed char in OP.

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