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Vinsmoke Sanji, most commonly known by his moniker "Black Leg" Sanji, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


I love Sanji's complexity. I love this character because: 1) He is HILARIOUS... sometimes he may be annoying or incredibly silly but he always makes me laugh and I appreciate that; 2) When he is serious he has a COOL/SMOOTH/ELEGANT demeanor that is really attractive... he has so much swag LOL; 3) I really like marcial arts and his FIGHTING STYLE with hicks and acrobatics is original and fun to see; 4) He is incredibly KIND HEARTED, he may be indulgent with women and harsh with men but if you put attention to his actions he is extremely compassionate and kind with all people; 5) He has UNBREAKABLE MORAL VALUES and would rather die than do something against his own principles (sometimes I don't agree with his ideals or opinions, but I admire how he stands by his own word, his determination); 6) I adore how EXPRESSIVE, histrionic, passionate and INTENSE he is, I can see every emotion in his features so he is never boring (I also like how he doesn't give a damn if he looks ridiculous or ...more

If you were asked to describe One Piece characters by their defining traits, the qualities where they stand out among their pairs, some would be badass/strong, others hot, others funny, others smart, others kind, etc. However, I can count on one hand the characters who are all of the above. Sanji is one of them. What more is there to say?

I fell in love with him right away. sanji is so extremely strong since his ambition is not achievable with his strength (pirate king, greatest swordsman) and he never really trains and still manages to be the third-strongest of the crew.
He focuses more on his cooking. it's also cool how such many thing characterize him; his eyebrows, his hair, his cigarettes, his suit...
His past is one of the most traumatizing and interesting (his struggle was not from losing someone but from slow starvation) his love for women is the worst thing of the entire series though, why does every anime need at least one of those perverts.
Anyway, his introduction was amazing and really badass and I would've liked him better that way than how he is now

Oh Sanji's situations with women is absolutely hilarious and tragic at the same time. He'll NEVER get a girl if he keeps getting those nosebleeds every single time! The poor guy... He had to live in an island of traps when he clearly is the flirtiest and women-obsessed guy in the whole series! My heart breaks for him (ha ha ha).

His circumstances aside, I love his love-hate relationship with Zoro. Their back-and-forth insults are one of my favorites. On top of that, Sanji is super loyal, and always sticks to his moral beliefs.

He is a wonderful character. :-)

The perfect mix of kind, badass, funny and sweet. He's the best!

He's just a bad ass. Honestly I think he's the strongest of the Straw Hats considering the fact that he's the only one who uses neither weapons or devil fruit.

The most well balanced of the Stawhats: has strategy, is a powerhouse, and is the most level headed (well when he's not having a nosebleed). He is usually the one who finds out the story behind something first in the arcs and is very useful. His cool headed demeanor is awesome and his chivalry just goes well with his personality. My money's on Sanji.

Only with two legs, and he could beat such strong monsters and weaponed enemy. He has the best fighting style

What! Do I need to explain he is the worlds black legs the worlds lover boy the best of all time who gonna stop this gentle and can beat Zoro if they had to best it out the champ is here 100 - DevilSanji

The 3rd strongest member in the Strawhat Pirates and the Pirate Chef of the crew! I Love Sanji, he is so awesome and humorous just like Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro! He is an amazing chef and I just love it when he flirts and nosebleeds haha! He is a very strong and is the 3rd strongest Pirate crew in the Strawhat Pirates! I love Monkey D. Luffy the most, Zoro and Sanji too! He will definitely find the All Blue along with the Straw Hats and become the Best Pirate Chef ever and the best martial artist in forms of kicks!

He shows the respect he has for woman even being a pervert. He has his badass moments. Very interesting character that will play a huge roll in the future that nobody expects. Martial arts for the win

Sanji is also very badass and he will surpass zoro or may be he surpassed him already :p waiting to see him in action again :) sanji rocks

Sanji is such a wonderful character you gotta love him.

Wow, a badass character that can be described with other words than just "badass". A breath of fresh hair. lol

Sanji is important in everything he has to be the first he's funny he's good at cooking and awesome at fighting he's the best!

Sanji is a rogue. That means he is a skilled fighter, assassin, and he is capable enough to think ahead. It does what no straw hats really do, think ahead, and set traps our sabotage. Think about it.

Sanji is one of Oda's finest creations. Way better than Brook. And about equal with Zoro.

Most Badass stereotypical french character ever!

This guy is so awesome he is a chef and also a fighter nobody in one piece is cooler than this guy

He's the cool guy of the group and knows how to treat women, the fact that he's so strong with only his legs proves it.

He is awesome, the pervert ones are always the best! Besides he is awesome, kind, funny and powerful. Saved the crew in many occasions.

Sanji is so cute and handsome and I like how he creates delicious yum yum!

Epic character who had saved the crews asses in a lot of arcs

The funniest character and also the most badass, he's the full package. His abilities are super cool as well. His backstory is heartbreaking, its hard not to sympathize with the guy. Overall an amazing character.

Bro, sanji has the best back story.